HP Keyboard cleaning in just few steps

HP Keyboard cleaning in just few steps

A user should clean a HP Keyboard on daily bases because if it does not do this, his HP Keyboard will not work properly. For taking a proper work from a HP Keyboard, you should keep it clean and also keep it in a good condition so that it will not irritate you while you are working on it. The role of this keyboard is very important because due to it, you can enter your text or characters into a computer system or in a laptop. The keyboard is very beneficial for a businessman and other people too because for a businessman, it is important to enter the data. A businessman has to enter his company’s data and sometimes, it has to enter the personal data into a computer system. For these purposes, he should be a HP Keyboard. If a user can’t afford this keyboard due to some reasons then he will not be able to perform any actions on a computer. The keyboard is a daily use device and not available in expensive cost, you can buy a keyboard in a good price to perform your tasks on a computer. You should buy a good keyboard in order to work because a good quality keyboard provides you a better work. 

Is cleaning a HP Keyboard important?

If you keep your HP Keyboard clean on daily basis then it is a good thing and also a good habit of a user because cleaning a HP Keyboard will help you to perform your task on a computer or in a laptop. You have to clean the dust, debris from your keyboard if you really want to clean an HP Keyboard. There are beginners who don’t know the way to clean a HP Keyboard because they don’t have enough knowledge about the HP Keyboard and also the method to clean it. Some people who have HP Keyboard do not keep their keyboard clean. 

Steps to Follow

In this article, we will describe the way of cleaning an HP Keyboard so that your HP Keyboard will remain in a good condition. In the following, we are going to describe the way to clean a HP Keyboard for those people who don’t have an idea about it but they want to clean their HP Keyboards. There are just few steps that are necessary to follow so that you can clean your HP Keyboard in an easy way and then you can do your task on your device such as computer or laptop. If you read the following steps in a good way then you will be able to clean your HP Keyboard clean and then your HP Keyboard will be remained in a good condition and then you can easily do any task on your computer easily with the help of a HP Keyboard. 

Step 1:

Unplug the computer

For cleaning a HP Keyboard, you should turn off the computer first and then try to clean your HP Keyboard. There are few things that you should keep in mind when you are trying to clean the HP Keyboard. The few things include, turn off the keyboard or unplug it and after it, you should unplug the computer too and detach the accessories that are connected to your computer or laptop. While on the other hand, if you are using a external keyboard then before cleaning it, you should turn it off and after it, remove the battery that is attached to it.

Step 2:

Insert the Straw

In the second step of cleaning the HP Keyboard, you should insert the straw fist that comes with the can of compressed air because it will help you to clean the keyboard in a good way. You should remember to keep the straw one half of an inch approximately before spraying in the HP Keyboard. After inserting the straw in the keyboard then you should spray for cleaning a HP Keyboard because it is beneficial for your HP Keyboard and helps your keyboard to clean. 

Step 3:

Grip on your keyboard

In this step, you should make sure about the grip on a HP Keyboard, you should have a perfect grip on your keyboard because it is necessary for your to clean your keyboard. You should turn your keyboard at different angle for cleaning it, you should turn it about 75 degrees facing the screen downward and then spray the compressed air. Spray the compressed air on your keyboard in a zig-zag motion from left to right for getting better result. Spraying the compressed air in a zig-zag motion will help your HP Keyboard to be cleaned in a good way and then your keyboard will be ready for use.

Step 4:

Turn a HP Keyboardto one side

You should turn on HP Keyboard to one side for spraying the compressed air for cleaning purposes. You can use the same swiping motion i.e. zig-zag motion for cleaning your HP Keyboard because these are the beneficial methods for cleaning a HP Keyboard. After it, you should turn your computer other side and on the other side, you should do the same thing as you did it earlier. On the other hand, if a user has an external keyboard then he should follow the same process for turning it as you spray the compressed air in order to clean a HP Keyboard

These are the steps that you have to follow for cleaning a HP Keyboard and then use it in a proper or in a perfect way. The steps are easy to follow and can be performed very easily by anyone that want to clean a HP Keyboard


To clean a HP Keyboard, there are few steps to follow for cleaning it because it is good to clean a keyboard. There are only 4 steps for those who want to learn the way of cleaning a HP Keyboard and do a job with the help of it in a best and also in a proper way.


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