Important details about carbide drills bits

Important details about carbide drills bits

No doubt! carbide drills bits are the most important tool for any toolkit. These are used to make holes in any type of material including wood, metal, plastic, steel, and many more. All it matter is the size and shape of the hole that we want and according to that we choose and select the carbide drills bits.

Mostly, carbide drill bits are used for industrial purposes but it depends on your required need. So here in this piece of reading, you are going to get a lot about the Carbide drills bits, including the basic knowledge of its coating and tipping.

But first, before discussing anything else related to carbide drills bits first, let’s learn the basics about it and discuss;

What is a carbide drill bit?

The carbide drills bits are manufactured with the tungsten carbide but, sometimes, it’s coated with other material to make it stronger and more productive. In this material list, cobalt is the most common material. The Carbide drill bit tip is coated with cobalt to minimize the reactivity of iron that is raised during the drilling process.

As the form and size of the carbide drills bit matters a lot then most commonly, there are two forms of carbide drills bit;

  • Full body carbide drill bit
  • Carbide tipped drill bit

The special characteristic of the carbide drill bit is that it can easily drill the non-metallic and hard materials too. The full-body drills bit mostly characterized for the automated process. The carbide drills bit has a higher speed than the other material, such as cobalt drills.

Moreover, such material drills can handle high temperatures such as copper, bronze, aluminum, cast iron, and steel.

Now, as we have discussed the basics. Let’s discuss some more interesting information related to the carbide drills geometry and its characteristics;


So the spiral is the rate of the drill means the measuring element that measures the rate at which the spiral twist. This spiral controls the rate of chip removal. The compact flute or fast spiral drill is utilized in the high feed rate applications under low spindle speeds, whereas in Low spiral elongated flute drills are used to cut applications that have high cutting speeds. These materials are traditionally used such as aluminum or copper.

Point angle 

The point of the bit is decided by the material in which it works and the bit decides the angle so, for the harder material, the larger point angle is required. Also, for the softer materials, a sharper angle is required. Choosing the right point angle is necessary if you need the right hole shape, wandering, chatter, and wear rate.

Lip angle 

Identifying the right lip angle is necessary because it determined how much amount of support it is providing at the cutting edge. In simple words, the greatest lip angle will produce an aggressive amount of point pressure.

Functional length

Next is to determine the right functional length which is used to identify how deep the hole is drilled and it also helps to determine the stiffens and accuracy of the hole is.

Final words

The carbide drills bit is used for both purposes for household purposes and industrial purposes. Also, it comes in different shapes and forms so all you have to choose is the right form and size for your required drilling purpose.

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