Aspects Of Driving

Innovative Technology Improves All Aspects Of Driving

While not quite ready for fully autonomous vehicles, more than half of all drivers want to see advanced in-car technology systems in their next vehicle. Their requirements are currently being met by an increasing number of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to improve levels of safety, and connected features to enhance their driving experience. Innovations in technology are also being used in the manufacture of cars and can help to further improve the efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Connected Features Enhance Driver’s Experience

As well as checking out a car’s performance, drivers are looking for extra features that can enhance their driving experience. Whether they are buying a compact car or a minivan, the addition of technologies such as voice assistance and a high-quality sound system are attractive selling points to purchasers. Many of these features rely on smart connectivity to the internet, either via apps on a smartphone or embedded into the dashboard. Through voice control systems, this connection allows for simple messaging, calls, navigation, and tracking, as well as the provision of comprehensive entertainment options.

Buyers Value In-Car Safety Add-Ons

While they appreciate connected infotainment add-ons, 87% of drivers prioritize safety technology when they are buying a new or used car. A wide range of safety tech is now available, and some ADAS such as rearview cameras to improve vision when reversing, and warning systems to avoid lane departure and collision, are now recommended as standard. Another safety tech to enhance particular aspects of driving include adaptive headlights that move toward the direction of travel and can improve visibility around bends.

Technology Improves Engine Efficiency

As well as providing benefits to car users, advanced technology is increasingly being used to develop new vehicles. To meet exacting deadlines, manufacturers are employing artificial intelligence to assist engineers in designing hybrid car architecture. Engines of hybrid cars can be more complex than those of conventional vehicles, as they need to be able to swap between energy sources as well as meet demanding energy performance standards. AI can carry out time-consuming tests in order to identify actuators that will provide the optimum fuel consumption and lowest emissions.

From engine design to in-car entertainment, innovative technology improves all aspects of driving. Car users can now enjoy connected features while knowing the safety and efficiency of their car are also maximized.

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