Inspiring Stories Between New Times Hair and Its Clients

Over the past decade, New Times Hair, as one of the leading hair system manufacturers worldwide, has built strong connections with thousands of hair system retailers from over 100 countries, whose businesses benefited greatly from our valuable and lasting partnerships. Today we are going to share with you a few very inspiring and meaningful stories between New Times Hair and its clients. You will see how New Times Hair has played its role in invigorating the global hair system industry.

Casey’s Hair Business Story with New Times Hair

Based in Ontario, Canada, Casey is one of our partners with a really long experience in the men’s hair system field. “I took over this business from my dad. He had run this business for more than twenty years.” Casey said. “I always put customer satisfaction ahead of everything when doing this business, and I never stopped raising the bar for what I offer my customers cause reputation means all to my store.”

Speaking of why Casey decided to wholesale hair systems from New Times Hair, Casey said: “I worked with a few other suppliers before, but they did not manage to meet my expectations, then I happened to get to know New Times Hair, and I am glad I found the right place to better serve my customers.” In building up his expertise in this field and a stronger sense of professionalism, Casey said New Times Hair has dramatically helped him. “The videos from New Times Hair Youtube channel gave me the chance to see all the behind-the-scenes of this industry and showed me some really awesome tutorials to do the right things for my customers!” said Casey. Nowadays, Casey has become one of the most well-known hair system distributors in Ontario, Canada, with a much larger customer base than before.

When asked about what has been keeping him going in this field for such a long time, he said: “ it’s mostly my customers. I’ve built a close rapport with many of them up to today. Being able to change their lives the way they wanted has been what I am proud of the most, and I am not willing to give that up! I am very happy to see that people are no long stigmatized for wearing hair systems today, unlike decades ago, and that is a huge breakthrough! ”

Todd’s Hair Business Story With New Times Hair

Todd has been another treasured partner of New Times Hair for nearly five years. He is also very passionate about what he is doing as a wig shop owner in the states. “I came across New Times Hair when I was searching for a reliable hair wig manufacturer online that can offer me better deals. Then I placed my first order for a women’s wig that got shipped in days. The quality and class of your wigs really impressed me as I never had better ones before!” Todd said.

Speaking of Todd’s shopping experience at New Times Hair, he was no less impressed. “The salespeople were so professional and attentive to my needs. They were so patient with helping me find the right wigs. One thing I would suggest is there could be more hair color and gray hair options available since I have a quite large customer base with diverse needs.” To be honest, his suggestion was one of the reasons why New Times Hair never stopped developing new products and adding new color options until now.

When asked why Todd decided to start a hair wig business, he said: “ My hair loss started at a very early age, and I gradually developed my interest in hair wig products. Later, I found a job in a hair wig company and worked for a long time there. After becoming an expert in this field, I started to think about having a hair business of my own that can offer better deals, so more people suffering from hair loss would afford such products and change up their looks just like I did! Then I quit the job and made the dream come true. I am so glad that things worked out as I hoped for!”

Luke’s Hair Business Story with New Times Hair

Just like Todd, Luke is a valued client of New Times Hair who once struggled with hair loss for a long time. And he has gone through a very long journey of fighting hair loss. “ My hair loss was caused by typhoid more than twenty years ago, and I realized my look changed a lot as my hair loss got worse. It really hurt my confidence as I was looking much older than I actually was back then. I was really dying to have my appearance back. That is why I started using hair wigs myself.”

Luke said the hair wig base at that time was made of thin cotton that was not as comfortable and realistic, along with a crude hair knotting. Then he shifted to hair clipping for a few years. However, his hair loss kept getting worse to the point that there was not enough hair to go with the clips. So he had to seek new types to cover his bald head.

After relentless research and trying different hair system products, Luke finally found the right things from New Times Hair. He has been using them until today. “ I really hope that hair systems manufactured by New Times Hair can reach more and more people who have struggled with hair loss like how I did. They really change lives, and I am beyond grateful!”.

Our clients’ stories are a perfect reflection of why New Times Hair always takes enormous pride in advancing the progress of combating global hair loss problems! To further promote that initiative, we are looking forward to connecting with more of those working in the hair system field who want to play a part in positively impacting people’s lives!

For any hair system business inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing [email protected], and we will be more than glad to assist you!

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