Handle Your Refrigerator Safely
Handle Your Refrigerator Safely

Instructions to Handle Your Refrigerator Safely

For the most part, safety standards and instructions for refrigerators have been drafted by various government agencies, consumer groups, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers’ feedback. 

Some of them are voluntary on the part of companies. Look for a sticker on your fridge that tells you whether it’s been approved by a particular agency or some other safety association. Be careful of buying a refrigerator made in China, as the regulatory and safety standards are much different there than in our country.

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With the following tips in mind in no particular order, you can avoid most injuries or unwanted incidents.

Safety considerations when purchasing your fridge

  • Several safety features to look for include sealed cooling,anti-tip technology, and electrical components, shatter-proof glass or safety glass shelves and smart shelves that adjust without the need of removing it, which reduces the risk of any kind of cuts during usage.
  • If your fridge came with a registration or warranty card, make sure to fill the form and send it to the manufacturer as soon as possible. This action of yours will make sure that you will be informed or notified of any product recalls or other safety concerns in the event of a product-related problem. Do remember to follow this essential safety step.
  • Have a qualified and experienced technician install your fridge; let them check if you have made proper arrangements of any space or changes needed for correct clearance requirements suggested for safe installation. Your fridge must have its dedicated socket on your electric supply board to avoid any electrical problems such as power overloads.
  • If you have kids or young children in your home, you might consider installing aftermarket fridge safety products such as a refrigerator latch or lock, which can help them to keep safe. Commercial refrigeration repair is really important for your fridge’s long life so, prefer the best repair services to make your refrigerator more efficient.

Golden Tips to Use Your Refrigerator Properly

  • Maximise the storage capacity of your refrigerator. If you are not keeping any products inside the fridge, it consumes a lot of energy to maintain the default cooling temperature. It would be best if you organised your fridge to maximise its storage space and efficiency constantly.

Organise your food in clear food-grade plastic containers or bags so you can spot the contents immediately. For those food items you will use earlier that week, keep them in an area where you can quickly identify and pick them. By following this simple tip, you wouldn’t have to search inside the fridge. It avoids the need to keep the refrigerator door open for a more extended period and prevents the fridge from losing a lot of cold air.

  •  As you are aware, the coils of the refrigerator are usually located at the back. These coils are used to release hot air coming from inside the fridge. Ensure to leave at least two inches of space between the wall and the back of the refrigerator. This ensures adequate space for the expulsion of hot air and increases the life of your refrigerator.
  • Regular maintenance is essential. Clean the machine coils on the backside of your fridge to prevent the build-up of cobwebs and dust. This will facilitate good circulation of air. Get rid of the drained water collected in the refrigerator’s drip pan. The drip pan is generally situated at the bottom part of the product. Remove the bottom panel of your fridge, and you can locate the drip pan. This will prevent any unnecessary water leakage.
  • You must learn how to store your food products properly. Transfer the items of big boxes into smaller boxes so they can easily sit in the fridge compartments. Avoid storing rotten vegetables and fruits as they release gas that can increase oxidation and reduce nearby items’ freshness.

You must avoid storing hot food in your refrigerator. Let the food or dishes cool down for a bit first before you keep them in your fridge, as the temperature of such hot foods can overwork the machine.

These simple tips will not just keep you safe and avoid any unwanted injuries from your fridge to your family, but these tips can definitely prolong the life of your fridge. If you follow these tips, you can also cut back on the energy consumption of your refrigerator.

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