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Internet Penetration in Australia and Usage Statistics

We all know how important the internet is. The internet has transformed many sectors; the internet can bring out rapid growth in society. Despite that, large sections of society do not have access to the internet. In the last decade, internet penetration has improved, especially in developing countries. Looking at Australia, we can see that Australian market internet penetration matured enough. There are 22.31 million Internet users in Australia as of January 2022. And that number has increased by 265 thousand from 2019 to 2022. The overall Internet penetration in Australia stood at 88% of people have active Internet Plans as of January 2022, which is higher when compared to many countries. Active number of mobile users has started to shrink but the data usage continues to increase.

How Has the Internet Changed?

The internet has evolved a lot; the internet has a crucial role in building our society. Today we use the internet for everything. We use the internet for shopping online, booking tickets & appointments and many other services. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to choose the right internet plans.

Australian People Internet Usage Statistics

Search Engine Statistics shows that in Australia, people begin their journey with search engines and expand to other platforms. On average, Australians are spending around 40 hours per week online, with people spending too much time online.

Search Engine Market Share in Australia includes the following:

  • Google: 94.56%
  • Bing: 3.65%
  • Yahoo!: 0.8%
  • DuckDuckGo: 0.6%

In Australia, eCommerce has transformed the entire market. People are spending way more time on Amazon and AliExpress. In social media usage, there were 18.00 million social media users in Australia as of January 2022. This number has increased by 735 thousand. In Australia, social media penetration stood at 71%, meaning that 1 in every 3 minutes online is spent on social media.

Popular social media platforms 

  • Facebook – 16 million
  • YouTube – 15 million
  • Instagram – 9 million
  • WhatsApp – 7 million
  • Snapchat – 6.4 million
  • LinkedIn – 5.5 million
  • Twitter – 5.3 million
  • Tinder – 3 million

Australia has a greater number of active social media users when compared to different countries in the world. Younger people are always active on social media, thus making Australia one of the most lucrative markets for paid Ads.

Australia Population

Australia had a total population of 25.64 million as of January 2021. The population increased by 292 thousand between January 2020 and January 2021. Out of the entire population, 50.2% are females, and 49.8% of its people are male. With 86.3% of the population living in urban areas, 13.7% lives in rural areas. The internet penetration is high in urban areas, while the penetration is less in rural areas, these can be improved by offering them affordable Internet Plans.

Closing Lines

Internet penetration has matured enough in Australia. Compared to different parts of the world, Australia has a greater number of active internet users when compared to different countries. Still, Australia has a long way to go. The rising internet plans act as the biggest barrier towards improving internet barriers.

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