Is masters in data analytics worth it

Is masters in data analytics worth it?

The question which arises with the word Data analytics and Degree in Data analytics is that Is it worth to do master in Data analytics or not for those who consider it to choose it as a profession?

Data Analytics is the phenomenon of researching or analyzing data to make conclusions about that information, and it is the process of processing data, cleaning it, crafting it into things.

Data is defined as a collection of raw facts and figures. It can be said as the storing of files into space and the amount of space it covers. The research of Data is called data analytics. Studying data and monitoring its behaviour is what data analytics are used for. The person doing data analysis is called Data Analyst. It can be said the person who analysis data is called a data analyst. Masters in Data analysis is called Data analytics.

So I am going to tell you all hurdles you have to jump to achieve your goal if you have chosen Data Analytics.

Now there are some questions about how we come to discuss data analytics.

What is a master’s in data analytics?

Masters in Data analytics prepare you for the evaluation of Data and provide expertise in the field of Data analytics. In the ever-growing economy, companies need data and numbers evaluation to know where will they stand in the future and how will they secure their foreseeable future. A degree in Data analytics just train you for that only purpose and prepare you for it.

Masters in data analytics in India, USA, Canada, Germany?

Masters in data analytics in India, USA, Canada, Germany is growing its popularity as day by day is passing because these countries are the technological Hub of right now the world and as you know now that where is technology, there is a data analyst needed.

As of now, the rate of growth IT sector in India is 10% which one of the highest percentages in the whole wide world.

As for Germany, it is stated that Germany is the most advanced nation as compared to the world. As for the United States of America, as we all know, they are the best in technological advancement as well as same goes for Canada. The Sole purpose of stating all the technological growth of every this nation is that these countries have hit these numbers just because they had good Data Analysts at their Disposal, which provided them with the best of their analysis for them to achieve it.

There are tons and tons of Suitable Colleges and Universities which offer the best degrees in Data Analytics in these countries:

Some are listed below

  • IIM Calcutta, India
  • Goa Institute of Management, India
  • University of Hildesheim, Germany
  • RWTH Business School, Germany
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • McGill University, Canada
  • University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina

Why getting a master’s degree in data analytics is beneficial?

As we have discussed ourselves that a degree in data analytics holds a bright future in coming times. It is worth it. Experts are saying that Data is one of the most precious gems a person possesses right now. There is no doubt that data predications can aid decision-making and automate processes. So right now, we can assure that data analytics are the way to lead in the future.

What skill would I learn from a master’s in data analytics?

There are certain skills that a data analyst should learn if he chooses data analytics as a profession.

Some of the Top Skills are includes:

  • Critical Thinkingis one of the biggest skills that a data analyst should know about. He should be able to think about the situation the order the Data as per the situation. He should be able to cope with the issues that arisen and know how to tackle them.
  • Structured Query Language(SQL) is a database management system. It is used to order the data in a structured form to use as required. An analyst should know that.
  • Microsoft Excel The first word that comes to mind with it is the spreadsheet, but it is indeed a very good way to order your data and according to requirement.
  • Machine Learning An analyst should know machine learning. He should have how knowledge of every machine at his disposal.

How much do peoples earn with this degree?

Earning is a factor that depends a lot upon different factors: experience, Skill level, Degree, Rank, the place of earning. A data analyst makes an average of 43000$ per year in the USA, and the rate drops down in Europe and more down ASIA. UpGrad has stated that the average salary of a data analyst in India is 325,616 INR. So data analyst can make good for a living if he has skills and experience in the field.

Eligibility criteria to apply for MSc Data analytics

The eligibility criteria to apply for MSc Data analytics is as follow

  • The candidate must hold a BCA/ B.Sc Statistics / B.Sc Mathematics / B. Sc Computer Science / B.Sc IT./ BE or BTech or equivalent degree from any recognized university.
  • He or She must have scored 50% marks in the qualifying examination.
  • Candidates should have at least two years of learning in Mathematics / Statistics is preferred for admission.

You can also do MBA Data analytics : an emerging and lucrative career option in 2021

Masters in data analytics jobs opportunities?

Masters In data analytics provide many many job opportunities. There are many posts in Corporate jobs that provide jobs to a data analyst changes in the market.

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistician

Is a Master’s in data science the same as a master’s in data analytics?

Yes, It is pretty much the same because universities offer the same courses in the same names as these two. There are some certain subject changes in both degrees, but it is the same if you ask me. There is not much difference between these two courses. Jobs are offered to both degrees in the data analytics field.

Future scope and demand in data analytics professionals?

AS we all know that the world is evolving right now at a rapid pace. Technology and its use will only increase, thus creating data and lots of data to work on AMD; that is when Data Analytics will come in and need of a data analyst. Data analytics professionals have lots and lots of jobs to work on; as I have said before that Data is the single large commodity in this entire world and the most precious thing too. We have seen Business Empires like Google, Facebook, Amazon rise to the top just because of Data.

What are the Examples Of Data Analytics Business?

The whole Worldwide Web, which made the world into a global village, is standing upon Data and the Giants of technology business are standing upon that too. As mentioned before that Google, Facebook, Amazon is based on that data analysis. It is indeed that we will see the numbers rise and rise as time passes by.

Conclusion Notes:

Data Analytics has a bright future, but we can not damp it presently because right now, it is still giving hefty bucks to the people associated with it. So A Degree in Data Analytics is much much need of the hour if you want to secure your future.

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