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Is Mobile Billboard Advertising Effective in Today’s Digital Era? [Yes, It Is]

After years of marketing advice telling businesses to focus their energy on digital spaces, we’ve come to realize something. Nothing is more effective than the multi-channel marketing approach.

What is multi-channel marketing? When you adopt the multi-channel marketing approach, it means that you’re using different platforms and mediums to spread your message.

Yes, that includes digital marketing. It also includes print marketing. However, there’s another channel that you may not have heard of: the mobile billboard.

What is a mobile billboard and how can it help your business? Read on to find out.

What Is a Mobile Billboard?

A mobile billboard is a lot like what you’d expect from the name. Unlike the stationary billboards that we see along highways and major roads, a mobile billboard is on the move. How?

Mobile billboards are large advertisements attached to buses, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Your mobile billboard driver is often given a specific route or target area and a period of time to drive around advertising your business.

How Can Mobile Billboards Cut Through the Digital Noise?

We live in a highly online world and internet users are starting to get savvy. They’re installing ad blockers on their browsers and limiting the ads that show up in their inbox. They’re growing adept at scrolling past social media ads without absorbing any of the copy or content.

Mobile billboards are eye-catching. They add to the day-to-day experience of being out and about. Unlike online ads, which seem to pop up every few seconds, mobile billboards are fewer and far between and command more attention.

Ultimately, mobile billboard advertising combines the old with the new in an effective way. The advertisements are simple and easy to read, making a quick impact and increasing brand awareness. The mobility of the ad creates a unique and modern novelty that today’s distracted consumer finds memorable.

How Can You Start Using a Mobile Billboard?

How can you add a mobile billboard or two to your multi-channel marketing strategy? We recommend partnering with a company that is already adept at planning routes, vetting drivers, and getting your advertisement into the public eye.

Sign a mobile billboard contract with a company that specializes in car sign advertising and get your campaign in motion for the weekend. Coordinate your goals and create a route that will get your branding out into the public and in front of your target audiences.

Take the Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

When you invest in your business, you want to know that you’re going to see a worthwhile ROI. By adopting a multi-channel marketing approach, you can spread your message further and see better results right away. Make a mobile billboard part of your marketing plan and boost your business effortlessly.

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