Is there a difference between a mountain bike and a regular bike? Which one is better if I plan to ride long distances?

To ride a bike for a long trip, the most important equipment in the cycling process should be the bike, the quality can determine the experience of this trip.

For the choice of bicycle, the public cyclists actually have their own ideas, basically locked in the ordinary bicycle and mountain bike, the difference between the two? For cyclists, which one is better to choose? Here’s a brief introduction to you by Rinasclta Bike.

  1. Mountain bike

In fact, it is relatively easy to distinguish between mountain bikes and ordinary styles, because the former is equipped with shock absorbers for complex terrain driving on bicycle parts, do not underestimate this small shock absorber, it can give mountain riding, improve a large class of experience.

In addition, the tires between mountain bikes and ordinary bikes are also very different. This is like the difference between ordinary car tires and mountain tires, mountain tires are rougher and have more grip for complex mud, thus reducing the appearance of skidding.

Finally, mountain bikes have a shifting function, this function has a little benefit, is very conducive to climbing, as in the simplest up the bridge, that also saves a lot of effort than ordinary bikes, because in the complex terrain in the wild, uphill and downhill into the field there are things, especially if you also want to go over the mountain, the mountain undulation, these are unavoidable.

XC mountain bike disadvantages

Road racing when the riding posture is not aerodynamic enough. Wheel resistance is not a problem, 29er frame for a bald tire or a road wheelset can be installed.
Weight, the same price point, certainly the mountain bike will be heavier than the same price point of the road bike, because the mountain bike has a shock front fork. Maintenance will also be more expensive than road bikes.

Then there is the road bike, compared to the advantages of mountain bikes is that riding posture pneumatic, do not underestimate the road bike up and down grip, you lead the team to break the wind when holding the lower grip, compared to mountain bikes holding the fork barrel simply do not comfortable too much. And road bike tires are generally thin, in the road racing can have a smaller tire resistance.

  1. Ordinary bicycle

Ordinary bicycle, although the name is called ordinary, and we usually see the exact same bicycle, but it does not mean that it is mediocre, if you are planning to ride a long distance, you will basically buy a road bike.

Today, road bikes are already considered one of the representatives of a light and fast bicycle, and everyone who has the leisure to watch bicycle races on the internet will use this type of model, which is very fast and even exceeds electric bikes at full speed up, because it has little carrying capacity, so cyclists can also be more aggressive, but I have to mention that it is not particularly comfortable to ride, and is suitable for accelerating when racing, and not for long rides.

For long-term travelers, I recommend neither a mountain bike nor a road bike, but a touring bike.

It is impossible to ride a tour on the highway, but only through the countryside on some road trails to go through, but the domestic road conditions a not very good, even in many urban areas, but also potholes, using a road bike is very uncomfortable, and if you do not intend to go mountain riding, in fact, mountain bikes do not play any characteristics, but rather its mountain tires will delay the sense of saving energy riding on the flat bottom.

One of the biggest benefits of a touring bike is that it’s comfortable, may not be as fast as a road bike, climbing ability, shock resistance is not as strong as a mountain mountain bike, but it has more storage space. If you travel, you must always have a lot of supplies, and if someone rides with a road bike, then all these supplies end up in the bag, carried by the person’s shoulders, and if you have a more suitable storage space, you can free your shoulders and save more energy during the ride.

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