Keypoints To Note At The Time Of Maintaining Roller Shutters

Roller shutters add to the aesthetic looks of your house while also preventing the harsh sun rays from entering your home. An essential feature for most windows is that window security shutters come in different forms, shapes, styles, and sizes based on your preferences and specific needs. But just installing them is not enough, for they need adequate maintenance and cleanliness to give you years of uninterrupted service.

Like all mechanical home appliances, Roller Shutters Brisbane need to be serviced periodically; they may start having problems. You may need to repair them or, worse, even replace them. You should add roller shutters to your home weekly cleaning schedule to don’t neglect cleaning them and keep them free from dirt and dust.

In this blog, we share a few tips on taking care of and maintaining your roller shutters.

Clean The Gutters Gently

While taking a hosepipe and flushing them down may seem like an easy task, this is more likely to damage your shutters than clean them. Roller shutters have very delicate mechanisms, which are easily prone to damage if handled harshly and roughly. They can even get clogged if water enters their rolling mechanisms. 

The best way to start cleaning them is to wipe away all the dusts from them using a fine cloth and then gently wipe them with a moist cloth. Avoid using any steel or rubbing brushes as they may leave scratches on the roller shutters or, worse, remove the paint finish from them.

Using warm water and a mild soap is a good way to clean your shutters. Just make sure that you wipe them to dry thoroughly before rolling them up to avoid water or moisture from entering and collecting inside the rolling mechanism and damaging it.

Avoid Using Chemicals Unless Specified By The Manufacturer

The paint finish on roller shutters is usually coated on the steel surface of the shutters. As such, it may be prone to scratches and peeling away if exposed to any harsh chemicals. Cleaning liquids and gels may contain chemicals that could negatively affect the roller shutters and leave them looking dull and faded instead of a brighter look. 

In case of any doubts about using a cleaning solution, you can always refer to the manufacturers notes on their usage and use them as instructed.

Do A Thorough Cleanup

Once you are done cleaning and drying the roller shutters blinds, you can start cleaning the side guides of dust particles and any debris that may be stuck there. This will help the shutters function smoothly and not get stuck midway while opening or closing them. The side guides can be cleaned using an old painting brush, with which you can gently brush all the dust away. 

Once you clean the side guides, you can grease or lubricate the side guides to enable the smooth functioning of the roller shutters. Lubricating the side guides every six months is a good practice. It should be diligently followed for the smooth functioning of your roller shutters all year round.

Final Words

We believe the points mentioned above have helped you know preventive maintenance of your roller shutters. Follow up with these so that the shutters work smoothly for many years without any disturbance. Getting your roller shutters cleaned and maintained by a professional and well-experienced cleaning company is a good practice. It will help you avoid any major repairs or the need to get them replaced if they get damaged. An annual maintenance contract to clean them every 3 to 6 months is a good way to ensure that they are serviced and cleaned regularly.

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