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Latest Blouse Designs To Wear With Sarees

The fashion world is moving quickly with the trends and ethnic blouse designs are perfect to try out this fashion season and elevate your wardrobe to go on with the modern world fashion by adding that ethnicity to your confidence.

This catalogue contains a list of pictures of ethnic blouses whose mesmerizing designs are going to take your breath away with their style statement by also getting you the all the attention you need in every occasion you wear it.

Latest Blouse Designs To Wear With Sarees

The Indian market is all about ethnicity and the fashion moves very quickly and crazily with the introduction of new styles and fashionable cuttings which the designers are constantly offering to everyone out there.

This collection of ethnic blouses brings out the genuine confidence and that bold look which everyone desires in a personality especially with the unique designs when paired with a pattu or silk sarees and look absolutely stunning.

Black White Ikkat with Off White Hakoba Puff Sleeves Blouse

For the love of black and white blouses in the modern world fashion, this printed ikkat  Puff sleeves blouse is one of the perfect examples of how the vintage fashion is always going to steal the show doesn’t matter in what occasion you choose to wear it with its still fashionable sleeves giving it a modern look.

Black Ajrak Flower Motive Blouse with Red Collar Design

This black ajrak blouse design with red patterns and buttons is going to be your perfect choice to wear in a family function or just a casual wear. This blouse design just nails it when paired with a lehenga or a traditional saree to go with it.

Black Hakoba with Hand Embroidery with Lace Blouse

Black blouses are always classy and especially when it is hand embroidered with intricate detailing, it is bound to steal the show in every occasion you wear it. It brings out that chic vibe in you to make a fashion statement in a crowd full of people.

Black Khadi Body Multi Check with Katha Stitch Sleeves

Khadi fabric is perfect for the trendy world right now and this multi colored sleeve blouse design is just perfect for the ethnic vibes you want to produce in simple wear. Just pair it with a lehenga or a pattu saree and let it work its magic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ethnic Blouse Designs:

  1. Which is the most popular blouse in India?

India is a country where you can find almost any blouse design in the world and bring out your ethnic vibe to the world full of bold clothing. Going the simple way is one of the wisest choices which not everyone makes and mirror work and aari work are one of the very popular ones.

  1. What are the latest designs for a blouse?

The latest trends for a blouse are plenty to choose from including the simple blouse designs and mirror work blouse designs but the way to go is to opt for a simple blouse with a ravishing saree to match it and look your best in every occasion you wear it.

  1. What is the latest trend for a low-neck blouse?

Low neck blouses are in trend right now and women are going all in to rock the latest trends. It is when you pair the low-neck blouses with sarees that brings out that ethnic and bold look to the world to see and the blouses with hand embroidery is the way to go.

  1. What kind of embroidery does a blouse have?

A typical blouse has a very intricate thread embroidery and some other blouses have printed embroidery. Hand embroidery is mostly preferred over printed embroidery as the intricacy in the detailing is unmatchable compared to the printed ones.

Overview of Latest Blouse Designs:

Ethnic blouse designs are going to be in trend in the upcoming future and you have to try it to elevate your wardrobe and decide on what looks based on the saree or lehenga you have which you want to match with. You are going to look amazing with anything you pair it up with.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a pattu saree or a silk saree or a simple cotton saree, if you wear one of these matching ethnic blouses, it is surely going to help you in fetching all the compliments from many people in any occasion you wear it in. Don’t forget to add up detailed jewelry.

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite ethnic blouse designs.

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