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Learn More about Emergency Dentistry before an Emergency

The last thing anyone wants is to experience an emergency. However, it is important to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. It could help make your life a whole lot easier. You never know when you might require emergency dental treatment. If you experience extreme pain and have gone through an inconvenience, it would be best to consider emergency dentistry in Houston.

Since accidents happen all the time and are a part of life, you need to know what needs to be done to overcome adverse situations. It is possible to suffer from an oral or tooth cavity due to an injury. You might have gotten in an accident while driving or have suffered from a physical altercation resulting in displacement of your teeth. Thus, it would be best to seek an emergency dentist. This post dives deep into everything you need to know about emergency dentistry.

Emergency Dentistry

Generally, people tend to visit their dentist for a regular checkup every six months. However, you might need to visit the dentist without any proper planning due to extreme pain in your mouth. It is important that you avoid any delay and get the treatment that you require. The truth is that dental emergencies should never be taken lightly. They are very serious and demand the attention of a professional dentist who is experienced in dental emergencies.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

When it comes to dental emergencies, they vary from person to person. The severity of the case can also be different. Even something as simple as a chipped tooth may be a dental emergency, as it could affect your facial appearance. Typically, you would need to seek emergency dentistry services in case you have sustained a serious injury that has affected your face or mouth. It might be best to contact your dentist and explain the situation to determine if it is a case of dental emergency. The dentist would schedule a checkup as soon as possible to ensure urgent care. The following constitute a dental emergency.

  1. Gum Bleeding

Severe or excessive bleeding of the gums might be a dental emergency. If you have sustained cuts in your mouth from being involved in an accident or from eating certain types of foods, you would need to see an emergency dentist immediately.

Even if both the gums and teeth are affected, the dentist will help prevent further bleeding before moving on with other steps. Keep in mind that those suffering from gingivitis would also experience symptoms like excessive bleeding of gums along with pain.

  1. Extreme Pain

Another dental emergency that you should know about is extreme pain in the mouth. Cavities tend to be the main cause of the problem. If you experience a sharp pain in the mouth while drinking certain beverages or eating certain foods, it could be a sign of your teeth roots being exposed. Thus, your teeth would be vulnerable to infections and require urgent attention.

  1. Displaced or Knocked-Out Teeth

Next, anyone who has displaced or knocked-out teeth has to search for an emergency dentist right away. There is no excuse for waiting around. Knocked out teeth have to be taken care of immediately. You must clean the tooth and keep it with you. Schedule an appointment with the dentist. Keep the tooth with you after washing it in a plastic container or jar and take it with you for the appointment so that the dentist can reattach it. However, if a few of your teeth have been displaced within the gums, they would also need to be repositioned. It is important to know that displaced teeth are not something to take lightly. They can prove to be very serious and require emergency dental care.

  1. Swollen Mouth or Jaw

If you have a swollen mouth or jaw, you would also need to see an emergency dentist. It can be a result of a number of things such as an infection, swollen lymph nodes, or even cancer. It is a sign of gum disease which is why only an emergency dentist would be able to help you out. Since the pain can be excruciating, you should immediately schedule an appointment.


Once you have gone over the post, you will know more about emergency dentistry before an emergency even occurs. It is always a good idea to stay in the know. You might need to see an emergency dentist no matter how careful you are as accidents can occur.

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