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Looking for an IAM Software? Here are Your Options

When looking for software, you need to find the right one for your specific needs. This is regardless of the software you want, especially if it’s a business one. If you are looking for IAM software, you need to have several options in mind.

This is security software that you need to look at carefully to get the right one for your business. Since there are several options, you need to look at the vast majority of them. Here are some IAM software options that you need to look at to get the right one.

Changes in the Identity and Access Management Market

With the ever-changing world of tech, the IAM market also goes through some changes. Zero trust and behaviour analytics are fast becoming part of the access management products; these changes are necessary. Today, the need to access the program remotely has gone high.

The idea of a static single sign-on won’t get it done anymore, and neither is the multi-function authentication. The cost of a breach is way too high at the enterprise level that IAM is a necessity. With a breach in the system, you can lose intellectual property, data, and a damaged reputation – no client will trust you again.

Other deadly costs can come with breaches, including downtime, steep fines from regulators, and incident response time. There are different fines you will face if personally identifiable information is involved in the breach.


First, you need to look at a system that provides you with secure access – this should be without compromising on usability and performance. This is what you get when you opt for Twingate as your IAM. It offers an easy to implement Zero Trust secure access solution.

The idea for this system is simple as there’s a belief in working from anywhere. This system replaces legacy VPN. Its modern Identity-First Network makes that possible. It is possible because it combines consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-grade security.

You can set this system up well under 15 minutes, and the good thing is that it integrates with all primary cloud providers. That is particularly crucial in this age where the cloud is quite essential for data.


When looking for a system that offers you Identity lifecycle, SSO and MFA, Idaptive is the system you want to pay close attention to. It offers the above features across a third party, workforce mobile devices, endpoints and consumer users.

The behaviour analytics in the system will set the baseline for the users. This can then trigger alerts and access changes every time unscrupulous behaviour is detected in the system.

The ease of deployment with this system has given it solid marks among the best IAM solutions. The support for the developer is also outstanding, and it can also be said to provide value for the money you spend on it.


One of the best all-around identity and access management systems available today has got to be Oracle. This system is better suited for cloud and on-premise environments. This is a context-aware access system that integrates well with several servers, applications and systems.

It also works well with custom applications too.

You would want to seriously look at Oracle as an option because it is easy to deploy. It also has eased authentication and access management. It then features a single-sign-on and support.

  • The value you get when you get this system is above the average of what you’d expect.

Azure AD

Not to be outshined by any of the systems in the market, Microsoft’s Azure AD is one of the top IAM software options you need to look at. This is the backbone of Office 365; if you have it installed, you need to have Azure AD.

This system can easily sync with on-premise Active Directory and will provide authentication to other cloud-based systems. It is then possible creating dynamic groups in Azure AD as a result. There’s a difference between Azure AD and AD, though.

  • AD is the best option when you are looking at managing traditional on-premise infrastructure.
  • On the other hand, AD Azure should be your go-to when you want to manage user access to cloud applications.

Here, as the focus goes to a majorly cloud-based IAM, you need to use Azure.


When Cisco acquired Duo Security in 2018, this gave the company a more extensive presence in the Zero trust and IAM field. Armed with its Tetration micro-segmentation tech, coupled with Identity services, NAC solutions and SD-Access fabric, this system is the only one that has it all.

When you hear the term, has it all, the system spans zero trusts, IAM, network access control and micro-segmentation. The broader portfolio that this networking giant possesses makes it a huge player in access management.

A selling point that seems so evident by the ease of deployment is also a key feature to look at here. You can have this system up and running within 15 minutes or less.


It isn’t hard to believe that IBM ranks among the top half of IAM products. For years, this tech giant has been a definition of value and quality for its customers. Users of the IBM Security Verify Access ate still a content bunch with the service provider.

The software system has greater functionality than the SaaS product, though. It comes across as user-friendly, and the system’s price also makes it a competitive one. And with tech constantly advancing, the advanced features it offers are also reasons to get it.


If you are looking for a well-balanced system that also offers an easy to use the system, this is the one you need to look at. OneLogin offers onboard and offboarding at a quick speed- everyone loves a speedy system.

It also boasts of great integration as it currently integrates with over 600 applications. The flexibility in pricing also makes it an ideal catch for your IAM software solution.

Getting the IAM software for your business isn’t a task you should take lightly. It would help if you considered several options as there are plenty in the market. These are some of the options you need to look at.

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