Raksha Bandhan

Majestic Handcrafted Rakhi Idea’s for This Raksha Bandhan

Every festival has its importance, but Raksha Bandhan is the only festival in which siblings can cherish their unmatched bond of love, respect, and care. Therefore, this day is incomplete without performing its main ritual of tying a sacred thread on the brothers’ wrists.

Rakhi is on its way, and sisters have started looking for some amazing Rakhi’s to tie on their brother’s wrists. Every year, you will find different varieties of Rakhi all over the marketplace. This sacred thread has great significance. It is a symbol of strength and promises made by the siblings to each other.


Rakhi is celebrated in the Shravana month during the Purnima or the full moon day. There is no exact date on which this festival falls because it changes according to the position of the moon every year. However, in 2022 it is going to fall on August 11. So get ready because the celebrations are close at hand.


It is quite a task to pick the best Rakhi for your siblings when there are many options available in the market. Even if your brother isn’t living with you or stays abroad, you can opt for online Rakhi and have a hassle free delivery. However, before you make any purchase, look at all the types of sacred threads to make your selection process easier.

Silk Rakhi: It is the most favourite choice of people as it comprises multicoloured silk threads. Some other elements included are pearls, foam, and plastic to decorate it. You can even make your own DIY silk Rakhis at home because of its simplicity.

Stone Rakhi: Several stones decorate the threads, such as ruby, topaz, and opal. If you are looking for something that provides a unique look, this is the one for you. The combination of the beads and the stonework is perfect for this auspicious occasion.

Mauli Rakhi: The colour of Mauli is usually a mix of red and yellow. This thread is mainly known for its religious importance. The meaning of the word Mauli is “the crown”. It is believed the Mauli brings positivity and protects the person from evil or negativity.

Silver Rakhi: If you are searching for something long-lasting, then pick this one. The colour of other Rakhis fade with the passing time, but it doesn’t happen with the silver Rakhi. It is also a symbol of prestige and wealth, making it the best Rakhi for your brother.

Sandalwood Rakhi: Sandalwood Rakhis were very popular since ancient times, and even the Maharajas and Rajas used to wear them. Adding elements like flowers, silk, and cotton makes this traditional thread look even more unique and beautiful. Sandalwood is also a significant ingredient used to perform various religious activities.

Cartoon Rakhi: Do you have a little brother? If yes, then cartoon Rakhis are suitable for you. Kids love watching cartoons, and your brother might also have some favourites out of them. You can choose kids rakhi store & find characters like Donald Duck, Chota-Bheem, Spiderman, and Mickey Mouse on the threads.

Bracelet Rakhi: It is made up of various metals and is a trending option everywhere. Apart from the fashionable look it provides, it is also long-lasting. Style and durability make an ideal combination for Raksha Bandhan. Due to Covid scenario, majority of the people are looking for online rakhi store which is easy and find convenient these days.


Every Rakhi has a unique feature and looks so attractive, making your selection a bit of a task. However, when you have the right knowledge, it can help you to make a better choice. So, comment down and let us know your favourite type of Rakhi.

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