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Major Mistakes to Avoid During Banner Printing

Advertising banners are one of the most effective and commonly used methods of promoting your business. Banner advertising is available in numerous forms and is a cost-effective way to portray your products and services to your potential customers. But certain mistakes can ruin your entire banner advertising campaign. In this article, we will discuss some common and major mistakes that you must avoid at any cost during banner printing irrespective of whether it is an indoor banner or outdoor.

Location and Size

The size and the look of your banners mostly depend on the location where you will place them. People will not have enough time to stop and go through your entire banner so make sure that you keep the contents of your banner as simple and optimized as possible. Include graphics, use short catchy phrases for your banner, and most importantly, make sure that the size of your banner is big enough so that they can be properly viewed by people on the way.


The most common mistake that most businesses make while printing banners is that they stress more on portraying the brand name and logo on their banners but this will not be effective if you want to gain new customers as they are not aware of your business. People are interested in your business, your products, and your services, so instead of putting your brand name in the headline, use the headlines to describe the products and services that you offer.


Most businesses commit the mistake of including only the features and benefits of their products and services in their banner. But as mentioned in the first point, people will not have enough time to stop and go through your banner. So instead of portraying your products and services too much, try to include the images of your product. According to Forbes, visual elements in marketing require a proper balance; too much empty space will make your banner look dull whereas too many images will make it look too clumsy. You have to make people notice your banner and for that, a proper balance between proactive images and text is a must.


Designing an effective banner demands the utmost attention to its contents. Headlines and images are not enough for designing an effective banner. You should also include appropriate details about your products but as mentioned several times in this article, it is a must to not include unnecessary details as people will not have time to view the entire banner. You have to use a proper mix of information, images, and headlines so that people find it appealing and can get a proper idea about your business and products at a single glance.

Contact Details

Most business tries to include all possible contact information in their banner finally ending up making a mess. Avoid this, and include only the relevant contact details such as e-mail, phone, address, company website details, etc.


These are some major mistakes that you must avoid at any cost during banner printing. Maintain a proper balance between text and graphics in your banner for making them more appealing.

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