Make Your Dull Window Lively By Growing Plants on Windowsills

If you live in a cramped environment, it is no reason not to have plants in your home. Plants are for everyone – whether you are living in spacious areas or somewhat cramped ones. It is up to you how to make the most out of it.

Nothing is more cheery than windowsills filled with lavish green and thriving houseplants. You can instantly feel the energy and positive vibes radiated by the plants and get clean indoor air. Houseplants free the air from pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. You can put houseplants anywhere – from dimly lit corners to sun-drenched spaces beside a window.

Types of plants for windows

While you need to know about the plants that can grow well in dim-lit areas and shade, it is vital to know about the plants that thrive in bright sunlight. You can transform a brightly lit window area into your miniature garden. There are plenty of plants for windows that can improve the way your home looks, keeping aesthetics in mind.

Below here, some plants for windowsills are mentioned:

Aloe Vera

Who doesn’t know the versatility this plant has? You can add the plant to your first aid and beauty arsenal. The plant is low-maintenance, so you don’t have to give it much attention. The sap can be used for bruises, minor cuts, and burns. It is placed in full sun and can tolerate the filtered sun through the glass panes.

Jade Plant 

The Jade plant has a sturdy stem with fleshy leaves and can endure the sunny windowsills and hot conservatories. To prevent leaves from shedding, you should keep the plant moist by watering it when the soil becomes dry. The plant continues to grow gradually and live for decades. It is advised to keep this plant in a heavy pot.

Sago Palm

The Sago’s palm is slow-growing those fits right into the modern decorating schemes. It has no flowers with no shedding of leaves. These factors make it an excellent choice for a bright living room or bedroom. However, you should keep the pets and toddlers away from the plant as it is very poisonous.

Snake Plant 

Don’t let the name of this plant scare you away. If you are new to plant parenting and are too busy to offer much care, the snake plant is what you need. It thrives in sunlight as well as in the shade. If you are fortunate, the plant also produces the fresh fragrance of white flowers.

African Milk Bush

This plant is very peculiar in appearance and can instantly instill the feeling of dislike or affection. It has spines all over it that make repotting a problematic task.


It is the same plant that Egyptians used to make paper and boats. It also makes an excellent houseplant with adequate sunlight as in windowsills. However, you must provide it with sufficient moisture.


If you want big flowers near your window panes, no flower is better than the hibiscus. It requires sunlight to bloom the best flowers. To keep the plant healthy for a long time, avoid soggy soil and moisture.


Many people tend to have jasmine because of the flowers it has. The plant grows beautifully in filtered sunlight (one coming from the glass window panes). A summer vacation outdoors only enhances the life of the plant.

Bright rooms and south-facing windows are a boon only if you don’t expose the plants to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time. The above are the plants for window boxes that have so much to offer to increase the aesthetics of any space.

If you want to know more about the houseplants for windowsills, you can visit their website and enhance your plant knowledge to be a good pet parent.


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