Mangainn : Alternatives to Watch Anime Series for Free

Anime enthusiasts around the globe have always sought convenient and cost-effective platforms to indulge in their favorite animated series. For many, Mangainn was a go-to destination, providing a plethora of anime content for free. However, as the digital landscape evolves, so do the alternatives to Mangainn. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the top alternatives that offer free streaming of anime series, catering to the diverse tastes of anime aficionados.

  1. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll stands out as one of the most popular and legitimate alternatives to Mangainn. Boasting a vast library of anime titles, it provides users with high-quality streaming and subtitles. While Crunchyroll offers both free and premium subscription options, the free version includes ad-supported streaming. The premium version, however, offers an ad-free experience, simulcasts, and access to a broader range of anime series.

  1. Funimation:

Known for its vast collection of English-dubbed anime series, Funimation is another noteworthy alternative. The platform offers a combination of free and premium content, with the free version supported by ads. Funimation specializes in providing a diverse array of anime genres, including action, romance, and fantasy. For those who prefer dubbed anime, Funimation is an excellent choice.

  1. 9anime:

For users who appreciate an extensive library and a user-friendly interface, 9anime stands as a reliable alternative to Mangainn. The platform offers a wide range of anime series, including the latest releases and classic favorites. With multiple servers for streaming, 9anime ensures a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. Users can explore anime in various genres, satisfying even the most niche preferences.

  1. AnimeHeaven:

AnimeHeaven is a go-to choice for anime enthusiasts seeking an extensive catalog of both subbed and dubbed content. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and discover new series. AnimeHeaven provides multiple streaming options, allowing users to choose the server that best suits their internet connection. Additionally, the site includes additional features such as a schedule for upcoming releases and a chatbox for users to interact.

  1. GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime has been a longstanding favorite among anime fans, offering a vast collection of anime series and movies. The platform provides both subbed and dubbed content, catering to a global audience. GoGoAnime is known for its user-friendly interface and quick updates on the latest releases. With a diverse range of genres available, users can explore anime from different corners of the anime universe.

  1. Kissanime:

Kissanime is a renowned platform that has been serving the anime community for years. While it has faced its share of controversies, it remains a popular choice for streaming anime series for free. Kissanime offers a wide selection of subbed and dubbed content, along with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Users can explore genres ranging from action and adventure to romance and slice of life.

  1. AnimeLab:

Targeting the Australian and New Zealand audience, AnimeLab has emerged as a prominent platform for streaming anime series. The platform offers a free ad-supported version along with a premium subscription that unlocks additional features. AnimeLab provides a diverse range of anime titles, including simulcasts of the latest episodes. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned anime enthusiasts.

  1. Tubi:

Tubi is a unique streaming platform that offers a variety of content, including a decent selection of anime series. While it may not specialize exclusively in anime, Tubi provides a free and legal option for users seeking an alternative to Mangainn. The platform’s library includes both subbed and dubbed anime, allowing viewers to explore different genres without the need for a subscription.


As the demand for free anime streaming continues to grow, various platforms have risen to the occasion, offering alternatives to Mangainn. Whether users prefer ad-supported streaming, a premium experience, or a combination of both, the diverse alternatives discussed in this article cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Anime enthusiasts can explore these platforms to embark on exciting journeys through the captivating worlds of their favorite animated series.

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