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Marketing Techniques: What Are Programmatic Ads?

Business owners must keep a lot of plates spinning just to stay afloat. They must manage the finances, orders, and scheduling. That’s to say nothing of their recruiting and hiring efforts.

After all, no business runs long when it doesn’t have enough employees.

Then there is the marketing and advertising. Business owners can drown just trying to keep up with digital marketing options. Programmatic marketing and programmatic ads can help simplify those efforts.

Not familiar with programmatic ads? Keep reading for a quick breakdown of what they are and their benefits.

What Are Programmatic Ads

In terms of content, programmatic ads are just like any other ads. You brainstorm ideas that you think will draw in customers or help support your brand image. Then you put together the collateral, such as images and text in a pleasing way.

What separates programmatic advertising from other marketing methods is how you get the space. Rather than negotiating with websites, newsletters, and other ad space providers, a program does the work for you. In essence, you task a computer with the work.

Programmatic Ad Buying

So, how does the ad buying actually work? There are several key approaches. The most familiar approach is real-time bidding.

The ad space provider lets you bid on ad space in real-time. The winner gets the space. For your part, you provide limits to how high the bid can go. If the space drop into your price range, you can often snag it for part of the day.

There are also private marketplaces that function on a similar auction system, but they operate primarily as an invite-only kind of operation. The third option is direct buy, where publishers set fixed rates for ad space and you can just buy.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

One of the core benefits of programmatic ad buying is that it typically runs by itself once you get it set up. That gives you back the time you would normally spend negotiating for space and ad pricing.

The algorithm does the work of figuring out where and how your marketing dollars get spent, which typically yields better results for you in the long term.

Programmatic Ads and You

Programmatic ads and programmatic ad buying is one approach that businesses can use to deal with a big part of their paid digital marketing. It offers businesses some key benefits as well.

You can reclaim the time you normally spend negotiating for ad space, which lets you work on other parts of the business. That lets you focus on revenue-generating activities. It’s also a process you can outsource if you aren’t comfortable dealing with the setup process.

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