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Misconceptions about Public Adjusters


We buy an insurance policy to give us a boost when we fall in distress. But claiming insurance is a hectic process. If not done well, you may have to settle for an inconvenient amount. That may hamper your already damaged progress. Hiring a professional public adjuster like AllCity Adjusting can work wonders in such cases. In that case, a public adjuster is your best bet. While a legal attorney can cost you a significant amount of money, a public adjuster only calls for a percentage of your claim. But people tend to avoid public adjusters due to some misconceptions and common myths. In the following article, we are going to address the misconceptions and behind the scene scenario.

5 Common Misconceptions

You need help to acquire the best value for your property damage. You are considering your options and naturally, you found out that the public adjusters are the safest and cheapest option for you. But when you tried to fact check, you found out about the tall tales and exaggerated myths about them. It’s time we clear the misconceptions and give you the actual facts.

#Myth 1: Public adjusters grab the bigger proportion of your claim and give you scrapes.

This is a totally false accusation. Each state has its own rule that caps the amount that a public adjuster can charge. They only charge a percentage of your claim that is from 10% – 20% according to the expertise of the adjuster. And you make a clear and detailed agreement with your adjuster beforehand.

#Myth 2: Public adjusters are not really professionals.

To become a public adjuster, one has to get a license and pass a background check. Any felony criminal record holder cannot pose as a public adjuster. So, it can safely be said that public adjusters are real professionals. And they may possess the best ability to deal with insurance claims.

#Myth 3: Your insurance rates increase if you hire a public adjuster.

Well, insurance companies are regulated by the state’s codes of conduct. When a public adjuster takes over your negotiation, insurance companies end up paying almost 74% more. And when a lot of claims are filed in a small area, only then the premium goes up for everyone. Not because you hired a public adjuster.

#Myth 4: You may lose your coverage for using a public adjuster.

The state code of ethics prevents insurance companies from dropping your coverage. However, they may drop it if you don’t pay a premium or they find any negligence on your part.

#Myth 5: Public adjusters grab higher claims by doing insurance fraud.

The insurance career only pays the amount that was negotiated. And they do a thorough inquiry before agreeing to a settlement. The truth is, the public adjusters bring some factors to the table that you didn’t know before. If a public adjuster is caught for insurance fraud, he’ll lose his license, pay a fine and face criminal charges. And they can never gain their license for practice again. Nobody is willing to face these consequences in their right mind.

How to Choose a Public Adjuster

There are several questions you should ask before hiring an adjuster. Let’s go through them by order.

  1. Does the adviser have a license to practice?
  2. Does your adjuster work with you personally?
  3. Does he/she have a credible reference?
  4. Does he/she have the experience to handle your claim?
  5. What are the terms of communication of the adjuster?

You simply don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have a license to practice. That way you can avoid getting scammed. Sometimes, if you hire a public adjuster from a company, they may send multiple adjusters for doing various works. It may not always be bad as different people have different expertise. If you are comfortable working with one adjuster personally let the company know beforehand. And always ask for a reference from the adjuster you are working with. Thus you can make sure if he/she has the expertise to handle your case. And always check out what types of claims they previously worked with. An experienced adjuster will charge higher for your service. Make sure to know if he’s the right person to handle your case. Lastly, discuss the degree of involvement you want to keep with your negotiation. That’s how you can achieve the best deal for your claim.


A public adjuster can make a huge difference in your claim when you are in really bad shape. But before hiring, you should do your homework first. And there are imposters who’ll try to scam you. So you may be ready for any situation but when you ask for a license and previous work reference, you may get a clear idea about it. And before believing anything, do your research first. And always hire your professional from a trusted source. That way you can avoid the bad impressions and get the higher benefit that you deserve.

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