Mistakes People Make When Setting Up an Office: What to Ignore

Do you have an office space for your business? Have you ever thought about how it should be set up or what to include in the design? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will talk about some myths and misconceptions that people often believe when setting up their offices.

Open layouts are better than cubicles: This is probably the most common misconception people have about offices. The turn of the century has made open layouts increasingly common. In an effort to boost communication, offices have opted for open layouts. However, studies have shown that when people are seated in an open layout, employees put in less effort to concentrate on their work. This goes hand in hand with the fact that offices want people to sit facing each other. But in reality, sitting facing someone will not help increase communication or improve teamwork. We recommend making sure everyone has a good view out over their desk instead!

You need lots of natural light & windows: This might seem like a no-brainer because who doesn’t love being surrounded by all that sun? However, having too much sunlight streaming through your window reduces concentration levels – which makes sense when considering what sunlight does to your brain; it makes you happy and relaxed. This doesn’t mean you should consider creating an office space without proper natural lighting. The trick is to find the right lighting conditions, especially one that doesn’t induce your employees into a napping session right after lunch.

Artificial plants are good as natural plants: Though it is not as good as being surrounded by nature, having plants inside the office will reduce stress levels. There are two reasons why this works – firstly, people subconsciously associate plants with life, which means that they create a sense of calmness. The second reason is certain houseplants filter out air toxins, so if any pollutants are floating around in the room, these will be filtered out! Something artificial plants cannot imitate.

Furniture should always be placed facing a wall: This type of placement might seem logical because it maximizes space. However, studies have shown that placing your furniture in this way does not make for a more productive office. Instead of thinking about the wall as something to place stuff against, think about using walls as dividers or screens. This will help create different work areas within an open layout – which is ideal if you want people to feel like they have their private area!

All office chairs are made equal: This is definitely not the case. Just like people come in different shapes and sizes, so do office chairs. The key to designing your perfect chair is knowing which type of posture suits you – for instance, if you hunch forward when sitting, then a reclined or swivel chair might be perfect for keeping your back straight!

Office furniture can’t make an impact: This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Office design influences how employees feel about their work environment (which ultimately impacts their performance). If they are unhappy with where they sit, it will reflect on their motivation levels. Having said this, there is no need to completely renovate your office space just because one part looks old and worn out. Instead, why not buy new furniture for a specific area, such as your meeting room or the reception area. This way, you can create an excellent first impression when people walk in!

Office colors only affect the aesthetics: What’s your first thought when you walk into an office that’s painted entirely black? Or beige? or some odd color. You probably think that the people who work there must be in a bad mood all of the time. Well, this might not be true, but it’s certainly what you will initially think! Studies have shown that specific colors can affect how we feel about things. For example, blue is often used by marketers to create feelings of trust and security.

Office layouts with cubicles are outdated: We get why this myth exists – these kinds of office spaces seem really old-fashioned, and they also promote an environment where everyone needs their own designated area. However, offices with cubicle setups do benefit from several different perspectives. Firstly they offer some privacy, which reduces conflict between employees when working on projects together. This means that they are perfect for areas where people need to sit down and focus. Secondly, this type of layout allows you to have a more open space in the center (which is excellent if you want your employees to feel like there’s an opportunity for collaboration).

Standing desks are better than traditional desks: As the benefits of standing desks are amplified every day, many offices prefer having standing desks over conventional desks. However, it’s worth noting that standing desks are not for everyone. They can be challenging to work at if you have an injury or disability. If your employees don’t like working at their desks, they will probably take longer breaks than the allocated time, which means less productivity!

When planning your office space, there is so much information out there it can seem overwhelming! It’s essential to think about what works best for you and your business – no one else matters when making this decision.

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