Most Common Types of Carpeting and How to Choose The Best One For You

Most Common Types of Carpeting and How to Choose The Best One For You

There is no doubt that carpets are considered as the most attractive type of flooring for your interior. It could make your home way cozier and it is much more comfortable to walk on. 

If you have decided to give your home a new look by placing carpets inside, you need to have in mind that there are different types of carpets based on various criteria, such as material, texture, colour and more. Another thing to consider is maintaining and servicing it – some types of carpeting, like wooden ones require more specific care and cannot be DIY deep cleaned. But, on the other hand, for example, nylon carpets are less likely to live long without any damages, even though you can clean and service them via almost each and every DIY method.

All types of carpeting have their pros and cons and the final decision is only yours. In any case, there are professional carpet cleaning companies, such as Rapid Carpet Repairs that can be there for you regardless of the situation. 

To help you make an informed decision, we are going to present the most common types of carpeting you can find for your home, and show their strengths and weak points. 

1. Wool

Carpets made from wool are the most expensive and the highest-quality type of all. This means they are the most durable and long lasting. They are made only from natural materials and this means they usually do not easily damaged. But the bad news is that in most cases – they must be serviced professionally, and quickly when there is a spot or stain. If, after all, you want to have such, we advise not using it in areas with increased levels of foot traffic. But we can be certain that they are valuable and they look better than most of the other types.

2. Acrylic

Simply said, acrylic carpets are an affordable alternative to the ones made of wool. They are very similar to each other – acrylic carpeting is durable and has high resistance to stains and spots. The thing that makes it better for a lot of people is that acrylic does not always require professional servicing, although it is the preferred option – if you want, you can find or make different solutions that work for stain removal. You can even choose a brighter or richer color as it is less likely to fade, compared to other types of carpeting.

3. Olefin

Ofelin carpeting is often used for the outside parts of the property or basements and garages. It is made of polypropylene, which means it is water and moisture resistant. 

It is durable and strong, and there are some dyed models which can look great on the indoor as well. It is becoming more popular nowadays, thanks to the fact that it is affordable and durable, but we can say that it might not be the most comfortable option for you to walk on.

4. Nylon

This type of carpeting is the most commonly chosen for indoor use, for both residential and commercial buildings – it is affordable ,easy to clean and maintain, and there are many different designs, colors and looks. Although it is easy to clean, even with the most common solutions and detergents you can find – it tends to get stained often.  And when the carpeting is treated frequently –  it falls apart much faster. Compared to acrylic and wool – nylon carpets have a way shorter lifetime. 


Choosing the right carpet type for you is not an easy task, because there are many things to be considered in advance – it is not only the look of it. Different materials have different levels of stains resistance, and therefore – need different treatment. According to the specialists from Magic Carpet Repairs prevention makes perfection – having your carpet regularly serviced and cleaned by a professional, can enhance its looks and prolong its life.

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