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How to Turn Bad-Quality Audio into Good Transcripts

Have you got valuable information you were looking for for a long time, or you simply need to understand any matter clearly? Is that a kind of audio recording that disappoints you because of terrible quality? Do you see you miss certain pieces of information or simply misunderstand other ones? Stop disappointing yourself if you are doing so. The solution is more than simpler and closer to you.

Search for a good service to transcribe audio. Yes, all problems may be eliminated simply unless your recording is really hopeless. We don’t believe in that. And need to see that to tell you more. Meanwhile, here is useful info to consider and decide whether this tool can actually solve your problems. So, shall we start?

Why Transcription May Even Rescue You

That may sound a bit horrifying, but that can be true in certain cases. You may hurry in making your current task or have a lot of things to do. If you have a difficult recording, you need to waste a lot of time dealing with that properly. You may need to listen with greater attention and pay more time, respectively. Can that impact your productivity? It surely can. And it will work with a great degree of certainty.

Now, how may your life change if you decide to switch audio to text or video to text, whatever you have? If you use good audio transcription services, you may get these prospective results:

  • Quality transcribed recording of your audio
  • Saved time and effort
  • Accurate results
  • More final deliveries to prepare your better result (you need that recording for something valuable, don’t you?)

Only basic things to keep in mind while making your choice about whether to transcribe audio or not? And one simple test for you.

Pass This Test to Know for Sure

This thing we suggest you may help to become clear about your further actions with a difficult recording. You have your sample. Take a timer and fix how much time you need to understand, and write down a short piece of that audio. What part of the overall recording does this small piece constitute?

Let’s say it is 1/20. Now, multiply the amount of time your need to spend on twenty. Now, you have got the total amount of time you need to spend to get the final outcome. That is a rough calculation as you don’t know for sure what kind of difficulties you may face later. Maybe, you will need to spend more time.

Also, we suggest you paying attention to the accuracy of materials derived from that unclear recording. Are you confident about all pieces of information you get after this transcription? Do you need more clarity about this matter? Or…

Do you believe you have got that exact audio recording you need to work on personally for a long time? We believe you can and have prepared tips for doing that easily and well. Those tips are based on our video and audio transcription experience and can help you a lot while arranging your complicated transcribing work.

Tips to Apply and Save Your Time

We have thought a lot about recommendations that can help you with arranging your work with a difficult transcription. Here are TOP 5 suggestions from us:

  1. Good technical tools matter

If you want to get an accurate result, you need to hear clearly all the information mentioned in this recording. What do you need in the first turn here? These are quality headsets or earphones. Quality tools can make any difficult process more pleasant; trust us.

  1. Pay attention to the speed of recording

If you need to grasp the essence of all statements, hear them clearly without missing any pieces of information. That becomes extremely difficult if you have a fast-speed recording. You need to listen to a couple of times the same piece of information. There is a good alternative for these burdensome actions – you can simply make this recording slower.

  1. Sound editors and other special software will come for help

If your audio or video has background noises, you need to take them away to get a more clear understanding of the core meaning of the material you review. That may help a lot to convert audio to text.

  1. Ask somebody to help you

If you are working with the same recording for a long time, you may become tired and miss certain important info. In this case, you need only involve more people to give you fresh ideas. Collective work sometimes may really work better than dealing with a challenging thing on your own.

  1. Understanding a context and guessing

If you have faced a hopeless piece of info where any of the at-hand tips doesn’t work, pay attention to speech content. Also, shortlist supposed unclear words and choose the most appropriate word from them. This may help you in getting a missing word. Accuracy may suffer or may not – everything here depends on your case.

Hope you find these things useful and workable. You may decide to apply all of them to get your text transcriptions. Or simply reach to us for getting deliveries shortly… and maximally effective.

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