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My Positive Experience with Forex Fury

Are you familiar with Forex Fury? Today, I will share my positive experience with the popular expert advisor (EA) robot called Forex Fury.

If you have been trading for some time, you may find AI influence and automated trading, not surprising things. In fact, 50% of present-day traders are captured by automation in the trading world.

When Forex Fury was first introduced to the market, it only traded the GBPUSD pair. With more than 60 automatic updates, the software has improved and now enables us to trade USDCAD, XAUUSD, AUDSD, AUSDJPY, USDCHF, EURUSD many more.

With automation, I can focus on the other trading areas, such as strategy formulation and research. That is why I really like using Forex Fury.

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Forex Fury In A Nutshell

Forex Fury refers to the forex robot application that is designed for automating the trading through MT4, MT5, and other platforms. The algorithm is prepared after a study of relevant indicators.

Developed by the Rypax Inc team, Forex Fury is the best EA I have ever used. It is beneficial to both newbie and experienced traders. When I was a beginner, adjusting to different market conditions is not a tough job. Thanks to Forex Fury, I can easily improve my trading strategies.

With an impressive 93% win rate and a set of exciting features, this EA robot is advantageous in automated trading. It has a comprehensive installation guide, tested and proven settings, and experienced and responsive customer care. Above all, I find it easy to use.

How I Use Forex Fury

As I utilize Forex Fury EA, I can simplify my forex trading. This AI-powered EA comes with different settings developed for a variety of users. I appreciate the robust algorithms that cater to advanced and beginning traders.

You can test the multiple pairs to ensure a powerful performance. However, I recommend applying a single pair at a time. That way, the robot will operate with different functions and ensure an outstanding use of its resources.

When I installed the MT4 platform and then set up some demo accounts, I really enjoyed the free demo accounts with unlimited testing. That is one of the exciting things I liked about this robot. I tried other EA providers before, but Forex Fury is the only EA that allowed me to run unlimited tests.

What I Like About Forex Fury

I’ll be honest. I love everything about Forex Fury. It only took me five minutes to install the software. After I make a payment, I immediately downloaded the link and use the guides and video tutorials to get started.

In my opinion, anyone who wants to take advantage of this EA robot does not need any prior technical or trading experience to use it. A newbie without trading experience can use it with no difficulties. In fact, I have no trouble using it for the first time.

Trading Results

The EA robot works on low risk-high-return strategy principle. The Myfxbook accounts are clickable, which means that I can easily access them to check the details. The software utilized an advanced scalping technique running on multiple currency pairs and on the M15 time frame.

Dependable Customer Support

I personally prefer EAs that offer great support to the users, and Forex Fury offers the support I need for my trading. I can easily get in touch with the customer support team, and it provided me with satisfying solutions to my concerns. Believe me, the customer support is incredible.

Tons of Features

I was surprised to know that Forex Fury is the only EA available on the market with so many features. These features include ECN support, compatibility with MT4 or MT5 brokerage, effective money management strategy, and more. So far, it the only trading solution that offers plenty of features that all helped my trading decisions and strategies.


The EA software works perfectly with multiple currency pairs and platforms. This what makes it one of the most flexible EA I have ever used. It enables me to diversify my investment while reducing trading risks.

Low-Risk Strategy

Since this EA works efficiently in a low-risk environment, I do not have to invest lots of money initially. I can even check and test my trading strategy on my demo accounts before I go live.

Money Management Feature

With the money management feature, I can confidently trade in a low-risk trading environment. This feature ensures consistent and sustainable growth that I enjoy for a long time.

Dynamic Retrace

I consider the dynamic retrace as a new stop loss. Since I am not into trailing stop loss or normal stop loss, I find these features as a perfect solution for me. It utilizes a take profit modification deep in the trades. That way, I always avoid losses more than I should.


Whenever I want to recover from losses a lot easier, I opt to use the new martingale strategy. It enables me to increase the trade sizes after a loss. That way,  I can recover faster. This feature is a valuable addition, along with the high win rate.

Range Filter

This feature proves to be an incredible addition to the EA. Historically, this EA performs well in different market conditions. As I utilize the ADX indicator, I can reduce the trading potential in trending market conditions.

Based on my past experiences, using the ADX indicator is a success in determining the market conditions range. That makes it perfect for choosing the quick winning trades. In return, I experienced a lower trade frequency when active because it will filter out all the trades during the trending markets.


With my overall experience with Forex Fury, I can say that this EA is the best one to hit the trading market in years. I believe that this robot will become even more reliable in the future. It is ideal for beginners and advanced traders because it is easy to use, offers customizable settings, and runs on different trading platforms with ease.

If you want to experience having a reliable EA, it’s time for you to consider using the Forex Fury.

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