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Waste production is a must at the industrial level, household, office, small to large projects, construction sites, or even every workplace. It would be best if you tried to hire skip bins for safe waste transportation to avoid complications. Myths are false ideas and beliefs. Always test the thing, then make conception about it. When you place an order to skip hire in Paisley, you will hear or read many misconceptions about it.

This writing is just for removing myths from your mind. So let’s start to know the myths and actual truths about Skip Hire !

Myth # 1

Transportation of Waste to Landfills Directly, No Proper Recycling

People think that all the collected waste is directly dumped into landfills. There is no proper recycling of the transported waste.


Skip Hires collect, drag and transport all the waste by following rules and regulations of the company in legal ways. One of the best companies that follow legal rules is Able Waste.

Myth # 2

Very Expensive, Even Not Affordable

Only large projects as trade can afford the expenses of skip hire. It is not affordable at small projects or the household level.


Collect the waste from your ground and make a dome collection at one corner. Then, call a skip hire company to transport all that trash to the correct place instead of packing debris and transporting it somewhere else by your vehicles. Then, compare the cost with the usefulness that skip hiring offered.

Myth # 3

Doesn’t Provide You Accurate Sized Skip Bin

Skip hiring always sent one-sized skip bins without knowing your trash quantity and nature. Then it is your headache how you fill it or transport complete waste.


There are varieties of sizes you can order according to a particular operation. In addition, they provide you service of skip bin size as per your requirement.

Myth # 4

Difficult to Pack Skip Bin Accurately

The main difficulty for hiring skip bins is problems in packing containers accurately. Also, you are lame on how to fill the bins wisely for safe transportation of all the waste.


A professional company provides you with the service of agents with skip bins to fill your skip bins accurately. One of the best services you can get from Able Waste.

Myth # 5

Skip Hire Companies are Not Friendly

Skip hire companies are rude when you ask any question. They don’t provide quick responses to clear your doubts.


They are always active and clear your all doubts and query immediately in a mannered way.

Myth # 6

Trash is Collected by Hands and Cause Health Issues

All garbage is collected by hand that cause severe health issues and the spreading of germs.


Heavy machines are there to collect all the waste safely.

Myth # 7

Recycling Generate Severe Cause of Pollution

After recycling, various kinds of pollutants become a part of the environment, such as pollute water, air, and soil mainly and cause health risks.


Waste that causes pollution is not incinerated to avoid pollution.


Try the company, then make a conception. Don’t believe in myths. Professional companies provide you with legal and good services. So pick up your phone, search the particular company and place your order. One of the best companies that should be suggested to save your time is Able WasteCroydon Skip Hire, Banstead Skip Hire, and Waste Management Company. Consider it must, it will give you a chance to enjoy a good experience!

Skip Hire Bolton is really best for your commercial purpose and makes your waste management simple.

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