New Autoflowering Seeds Varieties

New Autoflowering Seeds Varieties — The Most Popular Autoflower Strains in 2023

People are always keen on fresh trends and innovations, and the market for the best Sativa autoflower strains isn’t an exception. At the SeedsPlug store, interested parties are welcome to place an order for exclusive plants and arrange the shipping at a good price, whether they live in San Diego or Texas.

What Is the Fastest Growing Autoflower Strain?

Although auto flowering strains are known for their great time from seed to harvest, the following options from this Autoflower Seed Bank are frontrunners in the market:

  • Cherry Cola Auto possesses Indica dominant strains and has an unparalleled flavor palette of candy and skunky notes. Cherry Cola Auto comes with a THC of 25%.
  • Another plant with a gorgeous fruity aroma is Strawberry Gorilla Auto. Unlike the previous sort, Strawberry Gorilla Auto has a more powerful THC and is high-yielding.

What Is the Most Popular Autoflower Strain?

Without a doubt, Gorilla Punch Auto has become the champion of this season. According to the Autoflower World Cup 2022, it has been announced as the best Sativa strain, followed by Santa Marta Haze Auto from Seedstockers and Auto Lemon Drizzle from Smelly-Flowers.

The suggested product from the Fast Buds breeder is distinguished with its hassle-free cultivation both indoors and outdoors, as well as the strongest strain with a flavorful aroma of spice and lemon. Besides, Gorilla Punch Auto doesn’t take long from seed to harvest, letting customers from San Diego or Texas receive a few harvests annually.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower Strain to Grow?

Another excellent product has appeared to be a part of the Autoflower World Cup 2022 hall of fame — Gorilla Zkittlez Auto from Fast Buds. With indoor yields of up to four hundred grams per square meter and even more, its Indica dominant strains are absolutely worth it.

Along with Gorilla Zkittlez Auto, The list of the strongest autoflower also includes such types:

  • In the United States, Banana Purple Punch Auto is extremely yielding and can also have feminized strains.
  • Within the Autoflower Seed Bank, Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is another similar version to Banana Punch Auto with low CBD and high THC.

What Is the Highest Yielding Autoflower 2022?

Apart from being easy to grow, Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is ideal for beginners thanks to its great cultivation and harvest. But it’s not the only option with such features:

  • Banana Purple Punch Auto can boast its unique combination of colors and odors. It is really beautiful with its magenta tones and a banana-strawberry flavor.
  • With both auto flowering strains and feminized strains, Forbidden Runtz Auto provides a great harvest in less than sixty-five days.

What Strains Are Super Autoflowers?

Defining the best sort depends on your objectives. All the analyzed samples are super adaptive, don’t rely on light conditions of growth, and are high-yielding. Whatever your choice is, shipping at the best price to the desired location in the United States is guaranteed by the SeedsPlug online store.

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