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Northern California Residents: 5 Key Steps You Need To Follow After a Wildfire

The Northern California wildfires have been devastating for anyone in their path, not to mention the loss of forestry.

In 2022 there were a reported 7,667 incidents burning an estimated 363,939 estimated acres of land. Those wildfires are responsible for roughly 876 structures either damaged or completely destroyed.

If you are here looking for a “Northern California fire lawyer” you are in the right place. Below is information you will need to know about what to do after a wildfire.

  1. RECORD YOUR LOSSES Consider purchasing a file box or similar system to retain all documentation related to the wildfire. You will need proof in the form of receipts for anything related to the fire such as temporary housing or a hotel, estimates for repairs, medical attention, and any other evidence to support your claim.  Include pictures of smoke and soot damage along with your claims. Smoke-damaged walls and furniture often need to be replaced, not just cleaned, as the chemicals left behind can be toxic.
  2. File Your Claim Promptly Submitting a proof of loss claim with your insurance company needs to be done expediently. Be sure to include your location and the date that the loss occurred. You will need to file a police report with a detailed list of property lost and its value. Also, include the condition of your property and any injuries that transpired. Take action to secure your residence or belongings in the event that you must leave.
  3. Pay Your Premiums Do not let your insurance lapse at any time in the claims process or you could find yourself with a gap in coverage. Contact your insurance company regarding any programs available for disaster assistance in the form of potentially reduced premium payments. Also, inform them of where you are currently staying in order to add it to your standing liability coverage.
  4. Scrutinize Your Settlement Look out for your own best interest by going over your settlement very carefully or consider hiring a Northern California fire lawyer. Don’t be in a hurry to accept the first offer made by your insurance company. Often there are items overlooked or omitted that you would lose out on if you close your claim by accepting the offer blindly.
  5. Hire A Lawyer If you live in Northern California, and have experienced fire damage, you should consider hiring a Northern California fire lawyer. Claims that seem very matter-of-fact and simple can often be more involved than you are aware of. By hiring a Northern California fire lawyer, they will negotiate your claim for you, and be aware of any pitfalls in the process.

Be Prepared

In the event of a natural disaster such as a wildfire, remember the above steps and do your best to stay calm. Although people that are trained to deal with disasters tend to react in a rational way,  most people simply freeze. Eventually, your brain will try to sort out how to react in a fight or flight situation and form a plan, but you could benefit from contacting a Northern California fire lawyer today.

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