Opening Your Eyes to the Power of Shut-Eye- 6 Can’t-Miss Health Benefits of Cat Naps

Opening Your Eyes to the Power of Shut-Eye: 6 Can’t-Miss Health Benefits of Cat Naps

Do you often find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds or answering client calls while feeling like you can’t keep your eyes open any longer? That’s a classic sign that you need a quick break to recharge.

Cat naps are scientifically proven to work well for our bodies and minds. However, these short sleeps often find themselves overlooked in favor of coffee breaks or energy drinks.

If you’re five cups deep in the brew and still hitting snooze, here are six can’t-miss benefits of a midday cat nap.

Tips for more effective naps

Before revealing the six health benefits of taking cat naps, here are three tips that will help you wring the most good out of your shuteye.

  • Don’t sleep too long. The most effective cat naps will typically last ten to thirty minutes.
  • Use the “coffee nap,” where you lie down to sleep immediately after drinking a cup of coffee. You’ll discover that the caffeine gives you a boost right after you wake up from the cat nap.
  • Opt for a cozy chair rather than a bed. You might sleep too long if you lie down in your bed. Instead, use a comfy sleeper recliner to take your cat naps.

Now that you’re primed to dip your toes in dreamlands, here are a few benefits of the non-REM sleep cycle.

Lower blood pressure

One of the best benefits of taking frequent cat naps is that it lowers your blood pressure. People who take frequent naps become more calm each day and lower their tendency to develop high blood pressure problems.

Discover an improved control over emotions

If you feel like your emotions control you, taking frequent naps could provide the solution. People who take catnaps can often control their feelings and manage stress more effectively.

Short naps help to reset the brain and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. You’ll find that you can cope better with life’s challenges when your emotions are in check.

Improve your memory

Taking catnaps is a fun way of improving your memory skills. Use this skill to perform more effectively at work or remember which appointments your spouse told you about for the coming week.

Increase your ability to perform

Everyone can benefit from improving their performance in life, which is why taking catnaps works in your favor. You’ll find that you have the energy to perform better in life after giving your mind and body more rest.

Lower your risk of developing heart disease

Heart problems can affect anyone at any time, which is why it’s essential to take proactive measures. Taking catnaps at regular intervals is a simple strategy to lower your risk of developing heart disease. You might just surprise your doctor at your next physical.

Increase alertness

It’s common for people who take frequent naps to experience increased focus throughout their day. You’ll discover that you can power through your routine without feeling tired or sleepy.

Wrap up

Are you surprised at the advantages of taking time out each day to rest for ten or twenty minutes? Commit to trying this method for the next seven days. Pay attention to how different you feel one week from today.

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