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Owning A Private Jet is Easier and Convenient Than Before

Looking for a private jet for sale Dubai requires a considerable investment of time and money. Unlike any other vehicle, there are a number of steps that play an important role to ensure that the process remains seamless and successful.

Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly examine the factors influencing the purchase decision of owning a private jet. Let’s take a look at these factors:

Flying Experience

Many aviation experts believe that if someone has completed around 400 hours of flying an aircraft, they are best suited to purchase one. The reason being, it is always admirable for the owner to know how to fly it.

Travel Needs

As a prospective buyer of a private jet, you should be able to assess your individual needs. This covers the business and simple recreational needs and required travel times. For instance, this quick analysis will cover how frequently a business person is traveling, distance covered passengers on board, etc. Together, these factors will help determine the size and sort of aircraft that you plan on buying.

In addition to this, one also has to consider the reason behind buying one. One thing that should be taken into account is the registry in which the plane will be registered. Registrants that want to get their own private jet need to consider the private aircraft registry. For instance, if the private jet is used more for business meetings, the interior space will be made accordingly. This means more convenient and spacious cabin spaces. On the contrary, if you are looking for luxury travel, the interior, space, and seating will be different.


Budget remains the most important one in determining what type of aircraft you can buy. However, in addition to the simple cost of buying an aircraft, there are other costs attached to it. It includes regular maintenance, replacing parts, cost of the crew and pilot, fuel, insurance. To top it all off, legal fees, parking and ground fees, airport landing fees, and interior/exterior upgrades are included too. Together, it accumulates to a large chunk of payable amounts.

Therefore, considering the budget and the financial situation remains pertinent and the focus point when buying or leasing a jet.

Used or New Jet

Considering how much savings and budget is used, many clients prefer buying a used jet, as opposed to a new one. To begin with, these aren’t really that old. At times, some of the spaces have never been utilized. The old jets are not necessarily 10-15 years old, rather just 2-3 years old and work perfectly fine. However, it is important that the jet is able to meet the strict standards as made by the FAA to keep flying.

Buying a brand new jet can get relatively expensive and take up to 2 years to take possession, However, used jets have a quite friendly process. It is quick and more affordable, thereby saving you a lot of money.

Aviation Lawyer

Jets aren’t as easy as other vehicles. They require a lot of regulations and doing them on one’s own might get difficult. Therefore, with an aviation lawyer on board, it becomes a lot easier to manage the work in time.

These lawyers help you in assisting with aircraft ownership, maintenance, pilot licensing requirements, air traffic control safety, and aircraft navigation. As encored by the aviation administrations, the skilled and legal experts can do the entire work for you.

Test Run

Once the negotiations are complete and down payment made, an initial test and acceptance flights are carried out as part of inspection duties. This inspection is approximately 2 hours and it is important for a non-flying pilot and an engineer/technician to be present, so they may properly assess the operation and flight characteristics of the aircraft.


A thorough pre-purchase inspection ensures the aircraft has a good maintenance history. They thoroughly check the exterior, interior, and all parts of the aircraft for any signs of corrosion, over usage, wear & tear, and damage of parts.

Damage history is also important as it can influence the resale value of aircraft. Charter flights companies generally carry out two types of damage history that include static and dynamic. Dynamic refers to any damage that occurs while the aircraft engines are in operation and static refers to any damage that incurs when the aircraft is stationary.

By ticking all these points off the checklist, the client becomes aware of the aircraft and its history. Performing a thorough test and inspection from tip to tail is imperative to the sales process and could save the owner thousands or even millions in potential expenses down the road.

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