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Painters Auckland — The dos and hows of painting over wallpapers!

The dos and hows of painting over wallpapers!

Thinking about painting over wallpaper? People would say “oh no!” And we say, “why not!” Yes, painting over wallpaper is very much possible and a great option if you have no other option! When? Well, if you are in a rented property or aren’t ready to invest in a lengthy procedure of removing the wallpaper and then covering it with paint, then it’s the best thing to do! And when you are going to carry out this task, isn’t it necessary to know the exact procedure for the same?

Ø  The exact ways to paint over wallpaper!

What we suggest – the task of painting over your wallpaper should be best left for the professional painters in Auckland, let Ben & Son’s Painting do a fantastic job on your walls and make your home look more presentable. They are very good in this field, in fact the best ones in the town. But if you want to try out this procedure on your own, you can follow the below listed tips:

o   Check the wallpaper’s condition —The first question that arises when you think of painting over the wallpaper is the condition of this layer. Is it totally stuck on the wall and removing it would damage your inner layer badly? Or it is totally removable and you can easily take it off without much effort. Well, if the wallpaper is totally stuck on the wall and it is going to harm your base if you’re going to peel it off, then it is better to paint over it directly. And if by any measures you can take it off without pains, then never hesitate to do the same.

o   Prepare your wall fill the gaps — Before you start the procedure of painting over this wall, it’s necessary that you prepare it well. Use a wet (not soaked) rag to clean off the dirt on the surface. Apart from it, if you find a torn part of the wallpaper or a hole in the wall or some nails in it, then it is compulsory to eradicate all of them for a smooth layer of the paint on the surface.

o   Use an oil-based primer before painting — Like normal times, a primer is essential before painting here as well. But if you have wallpaper stuck on the wall, then it’s always advised to use an oil based primer. This base leads to a completely perfect finish of the wall and even hides the designs that were previously printed on the wallpaper and may sneak out on top of your new paint. Further, a smooth base is important to make your painting job much easier.

o   Now paint the wall — Normally, a primer requires a day or two to dry. Once this period is over, you can start with your task of painting the walls. If you don’t know how to paint, then again, we suggest you call a professional for the same or watch a good YouTube video for the instructions. But remember to prepare yourself well by wearing a mask so that the smell doesn’t irritate you, gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals, and use good quality brushes and paints to ensure that the job is done perfectly.

Now that you have done the incredible job of covering a wallpapered wall with paint, let us know how it looks!

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