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PDFBear Files: 3 PDF Features to Manage Electronic Files for Students

Technology has significantly helped many people the way they manage their documents. Gone are the days of dealing with a stack of files on the office table. Everything is now digital. As small and big industries had embraced the paperless office, the PDF technology came into existence. It makes any paperwork easy and convenient for everyone.

There are many other platforms of file management and organization available online. However, PDFBEar has earned its popularity because of the trust and confidence people put into the system. Many professionals have been using PDFBear because it’s user-friendly and accessible.

Moreover, it has also been a great help to various students in dealing with their electronic documents at school. If you’re one of them, read the details below to know the various features of PDFBear that significantly helped students manage their electronic files effectively and efficiently.

File Conversion

You have to use a file converter tool if you need different file formats for your school projects that aren’t available in your computer hard drive or smartphone. You might need images or photos for your class oral report in one of your subjects. It’ll be better to convert your existing files to jpg. If you need files for your emails, pdf is suitable for email attachments.

Make sure to use the right format to maximize the benefits of using the file, and you can also save your time and effort. PDFBEar will let you access the online converter tool. You only need to upload the files you want to convert on the online converter tool of PDFBEar. Then, choose a particular format for your uploaded files.

Click the convert button so that the system will initiate the conversion process. Once finished, you can then click the download button to save the new file format to your computer or smartphone. That’s how easy it is to use the file converter tool of PDFBear online.

Moreover, PDFBear has many conversion choices. You can convert your files in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to pdf format. You can also process the conversion of files in JPG to PDF, pdf to png, and other file formats that you need for your school paperwork. Hence, the file conversion using PDFBear is made easy and convenient for you and to other students.

Merge PDF Files

You might have a lot of electronic files that you keep in your computer hard drive or smartphone. It could be your learning materials that you need to check every day like eBooks used for different subjects, electronic handouts, and many other relevant documents. It might also be various PowerPoint file presentations for any class oral reporting or assessment.

These electronic files may cause you stress when you save them in your computer folder in a disorderly manner. It may take time to retrieve a particular file if these documents aren’t sorted properly in your hard drive. The good thing is that PDFBear is an expert system when it comes to file organization.

It allows you to combine or merge different documents together into one single file. If you have thousands of electronic files already in your computer, it’ll surely become hundreds, a fewer number of files to save space in your computer folder. Don’t forget to put a new name for the merged files for easy retrieval in the future.

Repair PDF Files

Another useful feature of PDFBear is its file repair kit.  If you have a damaged or corrupted pdf file, the system will fix and recover it, making it functional and be in a working condition again. However, some damaged pdf files are impossible to fix anymore due to a system error or a computer virus. But for those pdf files that can still be fixed, PDFBear will do the process in the quickest time possible.


PDF has been a helpful tool for students in managing and organizing all their electronic files. If you haven’t tried once, you better explore the features of PDFBear discussed above to give you ease and convenience to deal with your electronic files at school effectively and efficiently.

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