Perfect Disposable Palm Leaf Products by KKN Export

Perfect Disposable Palm Leaf Products by KKN Export

To promote hygiene and sanitation, nowadays many people are using disposable cutlery. We choose plastic without knowing it not only damages the environment but also causes major health issues. It is the need of an hour to shift from plastic cutlery.

KKN Exports produces tons of disposable palm leaf products every day. The plates and bowls are made up of fallen areca leaves processed under a high temperature to make them 100% natural and free from chemicals.

KKN Exports provides biodegradable cutlery for every occasion all over the world. The elegant, stylish, and disposable plates are made up of Areca leaf and are the best alternative to other disposable plates. The banana and bamboo keep cup are also biodegradable but are produced after cutting a lot of trees. Unlike bamboo and banana plates, areca leaf plates are a natural and renewable resource. The naturally separated leaf from the areca tree is collected and processed, and no trees are cut.

The areca leaf blower are the talk of the town. The KKN Exports ensure the elegance and design of the products without compromising the quality. The production process of the products is very precise without the use of any additional chemicals and dyes. These odorless, non-toxic, lightweight areca leaf cutlery are environmentally friendly.

How KKN Produces Best Products

As we discussed above, the KKN produces the best disposable tableware. The following factors make the products interesting and must be bought.

Economical Values

Everything we purchase is directly affected by the quality of the product and its price. The products by KKN Exports are very affordable, even without compromising the quality. The fallen leaves are processed with heat and steam makes the production cost more affordable.

KKN Exports’ round plate, square plates, bowls, and trays at very affordable rates. You can make a difference by contributing to the environment as fallen areca leaves don’t harm nature.

100% Natural and Non-Toxic

The areca leaf products are 100% natural and safe to use. No chemicals are used in the making of these plates and make them non-toxic. The fallen leaves are collected and washed with water and then processed under high temperatures before molded into desired shapes. No chemical, wax, toxins are used in the entire process of making plates. The final products are steam cleaned and sterilized to make them safe from bacteria. The products are easily compostable & biodegradable.


Durability is another prospect for a good product. We all want a product to be strong so that it can be used for a longer duration. The durability of all the other alternatives is lesser than Areca palm leaf plates. These plates are perfect for serving both hot and cold food, and they won’t get soggy or leak with wet dishes.

Microwave and Oven safe

We all use microwaves and ovens at home, and it is very messy to change utensils for reheating food. But the areca palm leaves products give you the freedom to heat the food in the microwave for up to 2.5 minutes at high temperature and oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes without the fear of food contamination. But the other alternate products like banana leaves, bamboo plates, and plastic containers can be used in the microwave, but they spoil the food. In comparison, the other alternatives cannot resist high temperatures.

Stylish and Special Shapes

Everyone wants to impress their guests with exquisite eco-friendly dinnerware which looks stylish and elegant. The cutlery adds elegance to your event and is a better alternative to cheap plastic or paper plates.

The KKN Exports deal in stylish and special shapes design. The following are the special plates made by KKN that are:

Stylish and Special Shapes

Ear Plate

The ear plates are used to serve chutney and sauces. These small ear shape plates are available in 2.5’X3.5” size.

Round Plate

The small round plates are the best choice for serving sweet dishes like ice creams. 6” round plates are best for foods that tend to spill.

Triangular Plate

The triangular plates are of amazing quality. The triangular plates are not a great choice to serve starters but also great for food presentation. The triangular plates are available in 6” sizes.

Pyramid Plates

The 6.5” X 6.5” Pyramid Plates are the best choice to serve soup, pulses, and wet veggies. No need to worry about the spill and leaks. The pyramids plates are best and can be used for refrigeration of leftover food.

Hexagon Plate

The 10” Hexagon Plate is another eye-pleasing product. it can be used to serve the main course without worrying about spills. The shape of the plate is intact all the food to avoid spillage.

Partition Plates

The Partition Plates is best for serving 2-3 different veggies and dishes on the same plate. The partitions make sure that no veggies will mix so that you would enjoy your meal.

Boat Plates

The Boat plates are the best choice to serve fruits and salads. These plates are very pleasing to everyone’s eye. There are three options available from which you can choose

8 x 4.5” Small Boat Plate

11.25 x 5” Medium Boat Plate

12 x 5.75” Big Boat Plate

Final Pronouncement

The areca leaf plates are the best alternative to other plastic and banana leaf plates. The facts about the areca leaf products make the disposable palm leaves product perfect. KKN Exports leaf dinnerware is eco friendly, elegant, and durable than the other alternatives.

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