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Pilates magic circle tones inner thighs, allows extra resistance and boosts fat loss

You don’t know what a challenge is until you’ve tried to reduce your inner thighs! Walking, running, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, and pilates, and still no results? This is a pretty common scenario for those fighting the biggest nemesis – the notorious inner thigh flab. If this is your battle then, you should add a magic circle to your gym gear.

Increase the resistance levels in your fitness regime and engage your core muscles by incorporating pilate rings in your everyday workouts to shed off those extra pounds quickly

What Is a Pilates Circle?

What Is a Pilates Circle

It’s certainly not a hula hoop! A magic circle or a pilates circle is a simple ring with two handles on the sides. The ring is specially crafted to add resistance to your simple exercises and to work up muscles more than usual. The material of the ring decides the level of resistance, while the placement of handles makes up the comfort and grip of the ring.

You can easily up your muscle game with a simple tool like the fitness circle and tone your problem areas faster with the resistance that it offers. Start with the rubber ring and move to the metal one gradually. The material and its importance in a fitness ring will be discussed later in the article.

Does Pilates Ring Work On The Inner Thighs?

Inner thighs are one of those areas where fat loss seems to take ages; especially for women. Regular exercises may prove fruitless unless you are adding some exercise aids for increased muscle engagement. Resistance ring can do just that!

You can make simple moves challenging, add the feeling of weight to regular lunges and squats and help tone your tricky inner thighs faster. NQ Physio offers pilates classes to help strengthen those inner thigh muscles.

Resistance is very important to engage your muscles. Muscles work harder to overcome the resistance, and that is how fat is eliminated. This process makes your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints stronger. It is good to know the resistance and muscle training mechanism before you buy tools related to it.

Exercises To Tone Inner Thighs

Fat loss process can be long and frustrating; many of us may lose hope a bit too soon. You can not expect your inner thighs to slim up with a few reps. Give yourself time and use the right moves with the right tools for just the right results.

Here are some compound exercises that help tone the inner thighs along with other muscles in the body. Consistency and patience will do wonders here.

1: Modified Bridges with Pilates Ring

Modified Bridges with Pilates Ring

Bridge exercise is great for the hip muscles (gluteus). It is a simple exercise that does not require any equipment and does not tire you much, but it engages muscles in your butt and your inner thighs when you place the ring between your thighs for added resistance and faster results.

  • Lie straight on your back and bring your feet towards your hip
  • Put the ring in between your thighs and start raising your hip upwards in bridge style
  • When your hip and back are off the mat and in straight position, squeeze the ring firmly
  • Repeat the squeeze and letting out motion 10 times
  • Slowly let your butt and back touch the mat

2: Rotation Lunges with Pilates Ring

Rotation Lunges with Pilates Ring

Lunges are great for your glutes, quadriceps (inner-thighs), and hamstrings. They fall under the category of eccentric resistance exercises, where bodyweight challenges the muscle enough to engage it. It strengthens the muscle alongside reducing fat. Adding extra force with a gymnastic circle adds fuel to the fire.


  • Stand straight with the ring in your hands in front of your chest
  • Take the left leg behind the right and lunge
  • Bring the ring close to your chest while giving it a good squeeze
  • Stand back up, bring the left leg to the front while pushing the ring out at full arm’s length
  • Move your arms to the left in a rotating manner
  • Repeat with the right leg and rotate to the right
  • 15-20 reps on both sides

3: Tabletop Tweez

With the ring between your ankles and constant pressure being applied to move it upwards, you make all of your leg muscles work. Even though it will be a little difficult to do it properly at the start, the synchronization will come after regular practice.

Tabletop Tweez

  • Lie straight-backed and place the ring between your legs a little above the ankle joint
  • Raise your head and neck, looking towards your torso
  • Press the pilate ring, letting it travel upwards towards your thighs
  • It has to be a gradual move: as you press, it should travel upwards gradually
  • Then let it back out towards the ankle using resistance again
  • Resistance will help tighten your inner thighs

4: Side Lying Leg press with Magic Circle

Side Lying Leg press with Magic Circle


This is a lethal move when you do it with a fitness circle between your legs. It targets your glutes and inner thighs and speeds up fat reduction in the lower body.

  • Lie on your side and raise your upper body giving support with the forearm
  • Put a ring between your ankles (save the joint) and squeeze it halfway
  • Extend the free arm parallel to the body
  • Now raise your arm up while your release force on the ring
  • Repeat 19 times on both sides

5: Standing second

Standing second

Help your inner thighs with this move. Work your muscles by adding extra pressure with a fitness circle. As you apply force on the ring with your calves, all the muscles in your legs are activated.

  • Stand straight with legs slightly apart
  • Put the ring between ankles and shift your body weight to one foot
  • Now squeeze the ring with the raised foot
  • Repeat this motion 20 times on each side
  • Use a wall for support if you go off balance

How to Choose the Best Pilates Circle for You?

Choose the Best Pilates Circle for You

There are a few things to consider when you are out in the market for purchase. For starters, always choose a place where you can try it out comfortably because eventually, the most important thing is how it syncs with your body.


Pilates resistance rings come in various materials. You can find rubber, fiberglass, metal, and compound rings in the market. The elastic glass fiber is the best material for it offers just the perfect level of resistance. It is better than metal rings because one does not have to worry about corrosion with glass fiber.


It comes in various sizes ranging from 12 to 15 inches. Your perfect size is what sits right with your body. You would want to try your pilates toning ring before you close the deal. Do not buy into the “one size fits all” trick. While shopping online, use the manufacturers’ guide for the right size.

Comfort Pads

The new rings in the market are coming with pads on the inside as well as outside. One should buy those with pads on both sides for added comfort and better grip. The EVA foam padding is the best material for strong but comfortable grip. The gripping feature matters here since these rings are used between palms, legs, and thighs to add resistance. It will be so annoying to have a ring fall off all the time and break your workout temperament.


You will find various price tags in the market ranging from $7 to $25, and some can even go as high as $65. This situation can cause quite a bit of confusion. If you want a perfect ring at just the right price, explore Fitness Rings. Neither too expensive nor too cheap: these are the best ones indeed.


Pilates magic circle is a simple yet amazingly useful gym tool that makes your daily workout much more productive. The added friction is crucial to muscle engagement and speeds up the fat loss process, especially in the inner thighs. Beginners can use rubber rings, while experts will like metal rings better to dare their muscles an extra bit.

It is simple, compact, effective, and yet amazingly affordable. You can take it anywhere you want. You will not need a gym for intense training after you have this simple ring. Bring it home and intensify your ordinary workout for faster results

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