Upholstery staple guns

Places Where Staple Guns are Widely Used

A staple gun or powered stapler is a small machine that aids in driving metallic staples into masonry, wood, or plastic that is usually handheld. They can be applied for different applications to affix various materials such as insulation, carpeting, wiring, house wrap upholstery, roofing, and craft materials. These handheld machines are available in manual, pneumatic, and electric models to fit various needs, and they are more powerful compared to the average desk stapler.

There are many areas where staple guns are widely used, which this current article will be your guide to understand. Here are the places where they are used and what type of staple gun to use.

  • Construction Stapler

Whenever one thinks of a staple gun, the first thing that comes into mind is a construction stapler. This type of stapler is not your average office stapler. Most construction guns available in the market look similar to a nail gun, and even their operation has some similarities until you load them into the magazine. Construction staplers vary in their size depending on the type of project you intend to use them for. When you consider doing some trim work, finish staplers will be suitable for that kind of project. On the other hand, heavy-duty construction staplers are ideal for sheathing, furniture construction, and cabinet framing.

  • Upholstery Staple Gun

Upholstery staple guns have similar characteristics, which are available in different models. However, there is a slight difference in gauges where they overlap depending on which type you choose. Therefore, it would be best to purchase a model type to ensure that you acquire a tool that suits perfectly well the correct application. Some upholstery staplers are explicitly used for upholstering application purposes, while others have room for versatility. To have an easier task choosing an upholstering stapler, check the stapler nose. Those with long noses can easily reach tighter spaces and suit you best.

  • Flooring Stapler

Flooring staplers look similar to flooring nailer counterparts. They are designed for fitting hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Hardwood floor staplers are available in mainly two variations. That is trigger actuated or mallet actuated. A trigger-actuated stapler uses a single shot load in most cases. It is suitable for small DIY projects works. A mallet actuated flooring stapler involves striking a rubber mallet to drive the stable into the place you want.

  • Cap Stapler

When it comes to cap staplers, they are mainly found in the roofing industry. These specialty staplers are operated just like the other regular staple gun. You can use it to drive a plastic cap inside tandem with a staple. The cap will provide you a greater holding power. Additionally, it will offer you some added protection for the staple. Caps staplers are mainly used for projects like roofing felt, foam board, house wrap, and other select application you that suit them.

  • Hammer Stapler

Hammer staplers are also known as slap staplers or hammer tacklers. They are manually actuated tools that require the operator to strike off on a surface just like you operate a hammer. Hammer staplers are mainly used in house wrap, carpet, insulation, and roofing felt installation projects.

What Kind of Crown Staple to Choose

Depending on the area you want to use your staple guns, you need to access them before selecting the type of crown that a stapler has that will suit its purpose. They are mainly three different types to choose from:

  • Narrow Crown

Narrow crown staplers are mainly used for applications that require finishing and trimming, such as molding, drawers, fascias, cabinets, and fine-grained applications. The use of a smaller crown allows a stapler to penetrate a surface of the material used without being overly visible.

  • Medium Crown

Medium crown staplers are widely preferred in subflooring, vinyl siding, furniture assembly, sheathing, and similar applications. Using a medium crown will offer you a wider range of clinch, but it is important to note that it is not quite as rugged compared to a wide crown.

  • Wide Crown

Wide crown staplers and staples are mostly intended for use in heavy-duty applications. Therefore, they are primarily designed for construction, roofing, truss building, house wrap, lathing, and more. You can use a wide crown stapler for other applications that require a medium crown that the appearance of the project work will not matter so much so long as the job is done. Wide crown staples offer more excellent holding capability, and they are bulkier compared to the other crowns.

Choosing the Right Staple Gun for your Project

After finding out which staple gun that you require for use, it is time to select a stable gun that suits your project. Different staple guns and hammer tackers offer additional power, efficiency, and precision. Consider the following when choosing which tool to buy

  • Manual Staple Guns

These staples are easy to handle and maintain. They are ideal then, you will be using a limited number of staples, but they will require a lot of muscle power to operate them for extensive project work. They are available in steel, plastic, and aluminum.

  • Electric Staple Guns

These types will offer you more power and precision compared to manual ones. An electric staple gun is faster and effective when stapling in tight spaces, ceilings, and corners. Some of them use cords, while a battery powers other.

  • Pneumatic Staple Guns

These types are incredibly more powerful and efficient. Professional builders use them to lay floors, set up the paneling, and do works that need many staples. Pneumatic staple guns are light in weight and have limited mobility because they are connected to a compressor.

Depending on the places where you want to use a staple gun, ensure that you choose the staple gun that will best suit that application work, how to differentiate them, the gauge and crown to use

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