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Pocket Knife Buying Tips From The Experts

Have you or someone you know recently expressed interest in buying a pocket knife for one reason or the other? Maybe you love to go on long hikes or camp out in the woods, and you are looking for a pocket knife to bring along with you on your travels? Perhaps you like to hunt or fish, and find yourself frequently needing some kind of knife to make your life easier? If this sounds like you at all, then keep reading to learn some more. This article will discuss a few pocket knife buying tips from experts who specialize in pocket knives. Having the right tool with you when you need it can help to make your life much easier. Sometimes having a good reliable pocket knife on you can be the difference between life and death if you are stranded in the wilderness.


When you think about a pocket knife or any knife for that matter, the first thing you will end up interacting with is the handle of the blade. This is the part you hold in your hand, and also one of the features that tend to be ignored on inferior pocket knives. You will notice on many premium knife brands that there is considerable effort put into designing an excellent handle that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. There are different types of materials that are frequently used for knife handles such as wood, plastic, and metal. Older or more expensive handles also contain ivory or pearl inlays if they are of high quality.


The blade is often known as the ‘business end of a knife and with good reason. If you have a beautiful knife that also has a poor blade, then you already know that you are less likely to use it even though it looks better. The blade is also where you will notice the main difference between a mass-produced pocket knife, and an artisanally crafted one. Many high-end knife manufacturers have trade secrets that allow them to create unique and strong knife blades. The art of making finely crafted knife blades in one with a lot of history, so be sure to check out some resources online in order to learn more if this is something that interests you.


Something that you rarely see on pocket knives of inferior quality is some kind of design on the blade. Even some of the higher-end pocket knives do not have these designs, but some people like to have them included after making the initial purchase. Pocket knife enthusiasts at Deejo talk about how many knife owners like to further customize their blades by getting some kind of inscription or etching. This is almost like a tattoo for your knife and can add lots of character to an otherwise boring blade. Have a look online to see some different knives like the Laguiole cutlery that have been customized by professionals.


Depending on the way you plan to use your pocket knife, you will potentially need to find one that can take a little bit of a beating. People who like to hunt or fish are likely to expose their pocket knife to a little harsher conditions than someone who just uses one around the house for random tasks. You should look into things like waterproofing or stainless steel if you plan on using your knife for fishing since it is likely to get wet a lot.


If you are intending on using your pocket knife as the name implies (by carrying it in your pocket), then you will probably want to consider the weight of the knife you select. Knives that are too heavy can be uncomfortable and impractical to carry around with you on a daily basis but might work well for a tool kit, or fishing tackle box.

After exploring some of the different tips and tricks in this article, the hope is that you have come away with a better sense of some practical things that experts recommend when purchasing any kind of pocket knife. Whether you need something hardy to bring with you out into the bush, or something small and compact to assist you in daily tasks, you should be able to find what you need using the information provided here. This article is by no means exhaustive in its exploration of pocket knives, so be sure to do some additional research to help clear up any lingering questions you might have on the topic. Many people have multiple pocket knives for different uses, so don’t be afraid to purchase a couple if you can see yourself using them in the future.

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