In a simple definition, “postmodernism” can be explained as a change that resulted in shifting from modernism. The introduction of cryptocurrencies can be considered as an apex of “hyper-reality”. People belonging to the postmodern era communicate, earn and do transactions online or ‘virtual world’. The loss of contact with the actual world was termed as ‘hyper reality’ by Baudrillard. As a digital currency, Bitcoin was introduced by some symbolic events.


The world has witnessed the peak advancement with the foundation of the internet. The internet has given rise to technologies and cryptocurrency is one of such creations.

  • Information on the internet has become the property of the public and the most valuable resource on the globe.
  • The Internet further gives rise to social networks which are like a virtual community with different ways of communication. 
  • The development of computer and computing technologies is another foundation of Bitcoin in the post-modern world.
  • Bitcoin does not have a physical form and thus it can never change over time. One can call Bitcoin the product of the virtual world and very soon the digital currency will take over fiat currencies. The economy of today’s world relies heavily on digital currency and e-commerce trading requires digital tokens.
  • The blockchain system of Bitcoin validates the interchange of currency taking place, ensuring safety.
  • The Blockchain system of Bitcoin not only ensures safety but also gains the trust of users and eliminates the requirement of a third party.
  • In today’s post-modern world every sector is expanding and evolving and Bitcoin plays an important role in the finance sector.


The introduction of Blockchain has given rise to modifications in various sectors. It is a peer-to-peer distributed report of the transactions taking place in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ensures safe transactions with almost zero transaction fee and is decentralized, meaning it does not require any central authority to control it. 

Trading bitcoin requires practice and experience thus beginners face problems at the beginning; there are apps available in the market that makes trading easy Official Site to know more.

  • Blockchain has been considered as the golden key for the financial system and incorporating it into large sectors have been highly beneficial.
  • Supply chain – with the use of blockchain, companies can track food deliveries and the source of contamination of food. Blockchain provides transparency which further provides consumers with the details of the source of manufactured goods.
  • Governments – governments have already begun to frame projects to include blockchain technology into their daily operations. The intention behind this is to make efficient profits that the technology can deliver. Governments have revealed that blockchain could reduce corruption, fraud cases and the cost of several things.
  • Health care – blockchain safely stores the data and information of patients in a computerized system and ensures that the data is not leaked or hacked by an outsider.
  • Music industry – protecting the rights and the distribution of payments within the music industry is a chief consideration, as the industry is finding ways to adapt to blockchain technology. It removes the chances of piracy and allows the music listeners to download music preserved in the blockchain. Paying the music artists with Bitcoin has been a major change brought into the industry. 
  • These are the few examples that show how the postmodern world is employing the use of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that powers it. The world has welcomed digitalization and the introduction of Bitcoin is a chief example of that. By selling or investing in Bitcoin one can earn profits, earning money through Bitcoin is an unbiased system and gives equal opportunity to all.


There are several advantages of blockchain that have been so far. The world is changing at a random pace and trading Bitcoin in a postmodern world will provide welfare to the people.

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