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Rejuvenating Fertility Center: How to Become a Patient From Anywhere & What to Expect Regardless of Age or Weight

Infertility is more common than most people think. In the US, heterosexual women between the ages of 15 and 49 are considered the childbearing demographic. Within this group, approximately 20% (about 1 in 5) experience difficulty getting pregnant. After trying for one year, and this number keeps going up! Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) has offices in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Westchester, and Connecticut – but also caters to patients all over the world with an unmatched system for virtual (remote) fertility care. No matter where you are, RFC has an option that can work for you. As the clinic offers several different choices for remote care. In fact, about 40% of RFC patients are located outside the NY/CT area – from all 50 states. As well as Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, India, and even Asia.

Founder and medical director Dr. Zaher Merhi, a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist. Wants to share with anyone experiencing infertility how easy it is to get started on the journey toward parenthood. And what to expect once you have set up an appointment.

1 – Contact

Interested in becoming a patient? Email or call RFC at (203)-557-9696. This number works no matter which office you’d like to visit. Or if you aren’t in the NY/CT area and would like to work with RFC remotely.

2 – Demographic info

Just be sure to provide your state-issued ID and your insurance information. This is important because different insurance companies and policies cover different aspects of fertility treatments. RFC accepts most major insurances and offers financing options. 

Fertility Center

What To Expect

This will depend upon whether you choose an in-person clinic visit fertility center or you’re working with RFC remotely. If you’re in the New York or Connecticut area, you can visit one of RFC’s clinics in person. Many people turn to RFC because it’s the only clinic to offer an unprecedented 10 different types of IVF. Including Gentle/mini IVF and Natural IVF. You can check the remaining types of IVF on the website,

If you’re located elsewhere you will have a phone or video consultation. Whether you meet with RFC doctors in-person or virtually. The only thing you have to do at that first appointment is show up. It’s not a bad idea to track your cycles beforehand and bring that data. Though – it definitely helps RFC staff – but it’s not required. Dr. Merhi says that he knows it’s stressful enough just to be experiencing infertility and to make an appointment.

Paperwork will be completed, either by signing forms for an in-person visit or via email for remote appointments and you’ll be asked about your medical history and health information. Then you’ll meet with an RFC doctor – again, either in-person or via phone or video. Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions – after all, the more the doctor knows about you and your history, the better they can customize a treatment plan just for you.

Dr. Merhi says that he spends a lot of time on explanations and education during these initial appointments and wants patients to feel free to ask as many questions as they want. He shares that many people think they understand how pregnancy works but might be surprised at what they don’t know.

What Happens Next

Once you’ve met with the doctor you will work together with the staff at RFC to choose the IVF option that’s right for you, and then begin your treatment! RFC does offer traditional/conventional IVF, as well as egg freezing services; it also provides other standard fertility clinic services such as egg donation and surrogacy.

What makes RFC different? 

It is the huge amount of options for holistic and unconventional treatments. Not everyone is able to handle needles and injections. RFC has an answer for that: Gentle IVF (aka mini-IVF). It even offers injection-free IVF where medication is taken orally and/or nasally! Some people want a whole-body treatment – RFC’s “ORGANIC IVF” is just right, as it focuses on diet, exercise, nutrition, ovarian rejuvenation, ozone sauna, and other aspects of overall health.

For remote care, you can choose an “At-Home IVF Kit,” RFC’s “Portable IVF” system, or IVF with outside monitoring (OM). No matter which distance system you opt for, you’ll receive a unique and individualized RFC protocol and RFC will manage all your cycles. You’ll just need to find a place near you that can handle your blood draws and ultrasounds while you’re getting treatment. This can be your local OBGYN, a radiology lab, a pregnancy center – there are plenty of options. Then you’ll only visit an RFC clinic one time – on the day of your procedure.

Finally, Rejuvenating Fertility Center has no age or weight cutoff so you will never be rejected as a new patient. No matter what you choose, Rejuvenating Fertility Center will work with you every step of the way. until that day when you are holding your precious newborn baby in your arms at last!

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