Remodelling a Period Home

Remodelling a Period Home? Know About its Plaster in Detail!

Are you a proud owner of a period home? Well, it’s actually a great thing to own such a wonderful property. But now since it’s old and ancient, you have to renovate it. Nice decision. But now you have got this tricky job to understand its basic ancient and old properties and renovate the same accordingly. And most of the time these timeless properties are made with such solid and strong materials that they just require beautification and not alteration. That’s why if you know about the various components of this building, you can decide if you want to totally demolish or to repair it or simply add a new life to it. And one such point to research about is the plaster of this old home.

Ø  The details about the plaster in old houses!

You’ll be surprised to know that plaster has been a strong component used in building houses since centuries. And that’s why maybe the house you own now shows this material a lot. But before you decide whether to let that plaster stay or remove or renovate, read about its essential details below.

o   The actual texture of the old plaster —Isn’t it surprising that while the modern plaster is made up of gypsum and cement, the non breathable and strong materials, the ancient plaster consisted of traditional clay formulas. And these plasters were very much breathable and designed to absorb humidity in the air. The old, bricked walls relied on the moisture in the air and plaster to absorb humidity and keep them strong and timeless. So basically, what you find in your home right now is a very strong and breathable version of the plaster which couldn’t be found today.

o   The types of plaster an old house has — If you house was constructed before 1919, then most probably it contains lime plaster. After that, gypsum took over. But, if you want to know the material, the best way is to check the colour of the plastered wall. If it’s pinkish, then it’s made up of gypsum. And off-white colour indicates that its lime plaster — and the wall that appears to be in earthy tones means that it’s made of earthy compounds.

o   The process of remodelling the plastered walls — Mostly if your old wall is not that damaged and the plaster isn’t coming off easily, then you just need to repair that wall. You can call experts who know about the lime plasters and they’ll carry out the task perfectly for you. But if the plaster has really given away or you simply want to replace it with the modern options, then do call the best craftsmen from Total Property Maintenance for gib stopping in Auckland. Their incredible knowledge about plasters, their years of experience, and amazing skills make them the most suitable people for the job. They’ll check the present condition of the plastered surface or wall and suggest you the best solution accordingly.

These tips are going to suffice you when you consider plastering an ancient home. Remember that plastering is a serious step in house maintenance and couldn’t be ever ignored regardless of the age of the property.

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