Repair Corrupt HD video files

“I am a Youtuber who shoots videos on a daily basis as I have to upload a video regularly. However, this morning when I was about to edit my latest video, I found that my footage of HD videos were corrupt. Please let me know if I can fix this on my own and if yes, then how?”

If you have lost your HD Videos due to corruption and they need some repair, this article shall offer you all the possibly needed help. From a good video repair software to all the other important information that you must need are logged right through the end of this article.

Expanded as High Definition Video, HD Videos are a better version of Standard Definition Video. Although there is no bar to this, any video that has more than 480 vertical scan lines or 576 vertical lines could be titled as HD Video.

Causes and Symptoms behind HD Videos being damaged.

If you want to repair corrupt HD files, you need to first learn about the causes and symptoms that are responsible for making an HD video damaged. Adding to that, as there could be numerous causes behind this, you would require a software that is perfectly compatible to repair corrupt or damaged HD videos and fix various problems in them such as:

  • Distortion
  • Error pop-ups
  • Choppy video quality
  • Jerky videos
  • Filtering in the video
  • Black screen popping in the video
  • Videos getting out of sync
  • Truncated videos

Best HD Video Repair Utility

The best HD Video Repair Utility in the market would be, without a question, Stellar Repair for Video. This software is not only easily available in the market but it is the perfect thing to put an end to the corrupt and damaged HD video files in future. Whether you are facing an issue of compression, unwanted changes that were made in the file format, errors related to read and write, attacks of virus and malware, or anything else, the software is going to get you out of it.

In conclusion, this DIY software is the best option for you to pick and repairing damaged files is not the only thing that the software is loved for. Herr are the features mentioned below which makes the software the best choice any computer user could possibly make:

  • Unlimited Files: This corrupted video file repair software will recover unlimited corrupt videos in a single go which makes it very easy for you to repair and recover bulks of HD videos.
  • Video Type: Including HD video, the software can also recover UHD, 4k, 8k, 360° and VR videos which means that one software is enough for repairing all the popular types of videos.
  • Storage Media: The videos could be stored in any kind of storage media like DSLR, drones, CCTV, smartphones, SD cards, USB, CF cards etc and the software will repair the videos in their original form.
  • Files Preview: When the software is done scanning for recoverable files in the selected location, it will offer a preview section for the user from which the user can preview all the files and choose to repair the specific required ones.
  • User Friendly: The interface of the software is designed in a way that even a layman to the technology can use the software to repair and recover the desired video files in seconds.

How to use Stellar Video Repair Software?

You will be required to follow the steps that are mentioned below in order to repair and recover your corrupt videos using Stellar Video Repair Software:

  • Download and run the software in the computer system.
  • Click Add File: Once the software is open on your screen, you must add the corrupted and damaged files to the open window.


  • Select Repair: Begin the process of repairing and wait for the software to offer you a preview of the repaired and recovered files.


  • Select Save Repaired Files: Once the repairing process is complete, select the files that you wish to keep and click on the Save Repaired Files button.


Viola! Video files are repaired

Stellar Data Recovery Services

In the exact opposite case of the software not being able to even find the recoverable files in the first place, the user should again contact the Stellar Data Recovery Service Provider only as the data loss case is out of the hands of the software. Stellar also provides data recovery services from damaged, physically broken hard drives, devices, etc. they have data recovery labs that can help recover up to 80% data. If you have any damaged hard drive, SSD drive, SD cards, send them to stellar without hesitation.


Tips to prevent data damage and loss in future:

Once the files are recovered in its original form, you must follow the tips that are mentioned below in order to prevent data damage and loss in future:

  • Always take a backup of your HD video files in two separate drives.
  • Do not delete the videos from its original storage media until it has been processed into the final product.
  • In case the HD video files are of extreme importance, it would be always a good idea to upload them on the online drive.

In a nutshell, data backup will always save your day.


In case you happen to damage or lose your HD Videos from any kind of storage media, Stellar Video Repair Software will always help you repair and recover such files into its original form. This powerful and advanced software will help you deal with all kinds of formats as well as data damage types.

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