Resolving Errors Related to Sound Files in Games-mss32.dll

Sound is a vital component for every multimedia component. Games, Movies, and plain Songs require sounds to help the user engage. As such, Microsoft Operating System has various files for users to hear audio elements successfully. These elements are in the form of files like mss32.dll, etc. However, there are a plethora of errors that occur due to these files. These error messages are caused because of various reasons and can be highly frustrating for users. As such, this article will focus on understanding DLL files, errors posed by such files, and solutions to these files.

What is a Dynamic Link Library?

The Microsoft C++ Redistributable package includes Dynamic Link Libraries. These files are also called .dll files and get installed by default in the operating system. Microsoft supplies a wide range of these files to guarantee that the operating system runs optimally. It’s important to note that an incorrect installation of these.dll files will result in a problem.

What is the mss32.dll?

The mss32 stands for Miles Sound System. It is a sound driver associated with the .dll file. Most popular games like GTA Vice City, PUBG, Counter-Strike, etc., use these files for the optimal functioning of audio elements in the game. As such, these files are essential components. However, they also cause many problems for the user. Here are some of the commonly observed error messages:

  • Missing File
  • Corrupt File
  • File Not Found
  • Authorisation Error
  • Access Point Error

Causes of Errors

As mentioned earlier, these errors occur due to various reasons. Here are some of the prominently observed causes of such errors.

  • i) Missing DLL – The most frequent issue encountered is a missing.dll file. Most of the time, the file gets lost during installation, and the programs cant locate it. It may also be removed accidentally by the user in some situations. This issue can be caused by uninstalling a few programs that utilise this library. Windows-based Operating System users encounter these errors quite often. However, it is a trivial problem and gets resolved with ease.
  • ii) Deprecated DLL – When installing newer versions of software, files may become deprecated. They may fail to update registry entries. As a result of this, the file becomes corrupted. Because there is no record for the latest version of the library, the system does not recognise the file and displays an error message.

iii) Malware – Malware and viruses are also among the causes of this error. In such situations, the virus is likely to infect the user’s system files. As a result, crucial files required for the application’s proper operation may be destroyed or corrupted. This problem may be a little more backbreaking to solve than the rest.


As observed, there are various causes of errors related to .dll files. However, one can always solve them by following a few simple steps.

  • i) Download the file – The first solution to this issue is to get the file from a reputable source. This approach is highly arduous, as users often get redirected to malicious websites. The user can copy the downloaded file and paste it into the directory specified in the error notification.
  • ii) Reinstalling the software – Reinstalling the software is the least complex approach to resolve this problem. In most cases, the program was installed incorrectly by naive users. This issue occurs during registry, directory, or custom installs. A quick solution would be to remove the application and all of its associated files and start over.

In conclusion, files like mss32.dll are vital for the optimal functioning of various programs. Multimedia applications use these files every time their process starts. Various errors faced due to these files get fixed easily using the steps mentioned above.

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