Road Armor Dodge Ram vs Ford Bronco

These two models of bumpers provide first class quality to drivers. You can rest assured that whenever you purchase a model from either one of these huge companies you are in safe hands. Through this article you will learn about two of the biggest names in the aftermarket bumper industry. You will understand what benefits you and your vehicle will get from buying such models. What we can say is that if you own either of these vehicles you have something special on your hands. We certainly recommend taking good care of such models and the way you can do that is to treat your vehicles to a quality bumper. 

About Road Armor Dodge Ram 

When you see a company that has over 20 years of producing some of the most excellent aftermarket bumpers in the world, you know you are in safe hands. Road Armor is based in Texas and is proud to produce everything from their base there. When you buy from this company, you get a lifetime guarantee, which tells you how they believe in their products. 

They use the highest grade of steel in every product they produce as well as quality materials. They want the inside and the outside of any vehicle to be fully protected by their craftsmanship. 

Features of Road Armor Dodge Ram 

When you buy  from one of the leaders in the field, you are going to receive amazing features. So we have created a list of the positives that come with this bumper. 

  • Made in America
  • Bolt on installation
  • Satin 5 stage coating
  • Structural lifetime guarantee
  • CNC laser cut
  • Heavy duty steel construction

About Ford Bronco 

When you own such a vehicle you need quality to protect it. That is where Hammerhead comes in. This brand of aftermarket bumper adds protection for on and off road driving. This company uses the same steel that they use on mining trucks, so you are protected fully. This company goes back 13 years and they produce easy bolt on installation bumpers. When you purchase an item from this company you will be getting only certified welders working on your bumper, which means quality throughout the build. 

Features of Ford Bronco 

These are the fantastic features you will get when you have such an aftermarket bumper. The list below gives you all the details of what to expect. 

  • 3/16 plate steel reinforced for amazing strength but still light
  • Winch ready for on and off road activity
  • 2 stage black powder coating
  • Shackle mounts
  • Inspected by certified technicians


As you can see, these two companies take great pride in creating the best items for each vehicle as possible. They are both American based companies who keep all the workmanship local. When you purchase a bumper from these two power houses in the industry, you will know each detail of the bumper has been thought about with care and precision. 

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