Serverwala: Secure your Website Database With US Dedicated Server

As your online business website grows, you attempt to add tools, applications, softwares, etc., in order to help it render high performance and let your visitors acquire the best user-experience. However, you may often forget to consider the backend database that may be straining under the pressure of all those visitors and the escalating storage. You will never know how your ignorance towards the website database’s performance, security, and efficiency can restrict your website to stay ahead of your competitors. That is why there is a need to bring up the dedicated server USA that breaks all the limitations for your website’s database and, thus, helps your website have more power to continue to develop, achieving more and more traffic without any failure. Let’s understand how hosting your website through a Dedicated Server in US can secure your website’s database and, in turn, benefit your online business.

Why Should I Host My Website on Dedicated Server USA?

Unlike the shared server, which is shared among a number of users, the US dedicated server operates entirely for a single user and dedicates all its resources to the user’s website. The user can decide how he/she wants to utilize the dedicated server USA. The dedicated server hosting in USA renders the private, secure   and isolated environment to your website. No other users are allowed to interfere in your server’s operations and share its space in any way unless you permit them to. Following mentioned are some of the significant privileges your website will acquire from getting hosted by a dedicated server in usa.

Exclusive utilization of resources

The dedicated server providers USA give you the entire web server for your exclusive use. The dedicated server USA resources such as disk space, random access memory, bandwidth, etc., will belong to you. Since you will have exclusive control of all the CPU or RAM and bandwidth, your website will continue to operate effectively even at peak business times.

You also acquire root access to your dedicated server that enables you to install the software that fits the best to your website. You can further configure the settings the way you require and access the server logs.

Customization flexibility

The dedicated server USA allows you to run the applications you desire. You can add or modify the existing services and applications. You can scale up or down the resources according to your business requirements. Thus, with dedicated server hosting, you have high scalability for customizing to your necessities. You can let your website remain flexible for the new opportunities or unexpected markets unfolding.

Enhanced reliability and performance

Providing quality services and informational content over your website are not enough for the visitors. The dedicated server USA enables your site’s visitors to load your website page faster, and when they get a better experience, they always feel like returning to your website. Users these days want to access everything quickly due to the advancement in technology. The dedicated server hosting, therefore, renders high reliability and performance for the website. Your website will also not crash due to the heavy volume of traffic at a certain time but will handle it efficiently without compromising the speed and performance. The US dedicated server hosting also renders enough bandwidth to incorporate videos and image placements over your site easily. Hence, the power of a dedicated server hosting service leads to optimum customer experience.

No capital or upfront expense

Though the dedicated server USA hosting is a bit more expensive than other hosting services, it is still the most cost-effective hosting as it renders the most effective service to grow and secure your online business at affordable rates. Moreover, it allows you to save the upfront capital expense by rendering the space, infrastructure, private environment, etc. incorporating customer and technical services. It also ensures that your servers are operating well and are free from any threat by providing physical security and 24/7 monitoring service.

USA Dedicated Server Keeps Your Website Data Secured

With all the above privileges of the USA based dedicated server, it becomes effortless to have your website’s data safe and secure. Furthermore, the dedicated server US infrastructure involves firewalls and security monitoring that makes you free from any stress and work on your core business. Due to the data separation, your dedicated server remains isolated from the hosting company’s services and data belonging to other customers. That also enables you to have quick data recovery from backend exploits. Additionally, the dedicated server USA hosting lets you implement the higher security levels from your end and safeguard your entire database’ storage and processes.

Benefits of Using Serverwala Dedicated Server in USA

To secure your database through the best dedicated server USA’s robust facilities, you must buy dedicated server USA from a reliable and renowned hosting provider who can give affordable and easy access to those facilities. Serverwala brings you one of the cheap US dedicated servers with the following advantages under its cheap dedicated server hosting USA –


  • Bare metal USA Dedicated Servers supporting RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10
  • Premium bandwidth and network
  • Involving IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Helps in creating private server clusters using the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

Serverwala – Cheap US Based Dedicated Server Provider

The Serverwala data centres are the recognized entities in the corporate sector, providing the best-dedicated server USA hosting services all over the globe. It renders the customized and flexible, cheap dedicated servers USA plans and packages. You will get 24/7 customer and technical support from Serverwala‘s certified and experienced professionals. You may connect with them at any time to have answers to your further queries or get expert solutions to your server issues.


As you now possess the understanding of how you can secure your website database from cheap dedicated servers USA, do not let your website suffer more if you have not switched to the best-dedicated server USA yet. Serverwala renders both managed and unmanaged cheap dedicated servers in USA. You can pick any dedicated server USA plan according to how much time you can spend to maintain, control, and secure your server and how much expertise about the dedicated server’s functioning you or your team have.


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