Shopping Tips For Amazon Addicts

There was a time when online shopping was considered dangerous as people used to think many times before they put in their credit card numbers to make a payment. Hidden fees were also a norm and scams and frauds were quite common. However, those times have significantly changed as today people find it a convenient way to buy their desired products. It has become a part of life and a large thanks goes to Amazon. This e-commerce website has made online shopping mainstream as they have almost everything that you want and also delivers your goods fast. If you also love to shop from Amazon and also often look for a computer price tracker amazon, this guide is just for you.

Buy Directly from

Whenever you are buying a product from Amazon, try to buy items directly from and not from third-party sellers. This is because Amazon keeps a better eye and quality control on its inventory over other sellers. When you make a purchase, you are more likely to get an item as it was advertised and also qualifies for free two-day prime shipping. As a customer, you don’t face any issues with the returns as well. To know whether a product that you are planning to buy is being sold by Amazon or not, look for the seller info that says “Ships from and sold by”

Do A Price History Check

Many would ask why to go to the hassle of checking the price history of a product, especially when that item is already on discount. Discounts and coupons are used to create a sense of urgency among buyers, making them buy things that they normally wouldn’t. Some sellers even abuse this power as a lot of products that you see on Amazon are endlessly on “sale”. So, it makes it hard to know if you’re getting an actual bargain or not. The best way to find that out is by going to a reliable Amazon price changes tracker and pasting the URL of the product there. For example, find out the echo dot price history. The graph will appear below, showing you every price fluctuation in the past. If the price is the same for a very long time, the product has a deceptive sale price.

Do Not Blindly Trust Every Review

On Amazon, you will find products from a number of different sellers and companies. There must be many names that you wouldn’t have ever heard of. But if the reviews of the products are promising and the rating is 4 or 5 stars, you are more likely to buy the product. New companies often put up fake reviews to get prominently listed on Amazon. So, it is better to go with your gut feeling. If you feel that something is fishy or the reviews are too good to be true, don’t buy that product. Instead, choose a company that you are well aware of. Read the reviews and if everything looks good, go ahead with your purchase.

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