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Short Guide On Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Many brides have the overwhelming task of finding that perfect wedding dress for the event of a lifetime. As far as wedding dresses are considered, they reflect the tone and personality of the bride and set the theme for the day. With so many styles, choices and designs to choose from, finding the right dress can be complicated. 


Deciding On A Wedding Dress: Some Factors To Consider First:


  • The Time Of The Year: Is the wedding held in the summer? A dress with lightweight features that bring out the feminine beauty will be great. Finding a dress for the appropriate weather or season is an excellent factor to consider. 


  • Location Of The Event: The wedding location plays a hidden role and sets the time for the bride and her guests. Places of worship like a church expects brides to be dressed conservatively and modestly, whereas modern chapels or clubs can have stylish dresses. 


  • Style And Theme: Weddings can be indoors or outdoors with an extensive guest list or just a small reception. So dressing should be a priority. No need for a big or large gown dress for a moderate reception with fewer guests. 


  • Body Type: Every woman has a right to wear whatever they want on their wedding day. But do consider a dress that matches perfectly with the body type. Models and celebrities may look fabulous in a specific dress, but that may not be the case for everyone. Focusing or relying on a body shape guideline can help a bride look gorgeous in a dress that fits well.


  • Budget: Always have a budget on the type of dress a bride needs as an extravagant dress for weddings always come at a cost. Handmade and embroidered dresses with precious metals or beads will always have a hefty price. 


Choosing A Wedding Dress


  • Have A Head Start: Choosing a wedding dress at least 7-8 months prior always works well considering the time of delivery or need for alterations. Adding new features or ornaments to a dress will also take its time, so it’s better to be early.


  • Always Have An Idea About The Styles: Having a favourite style can be good and it narrows down the choice for wedding dresses, reducing confusion. Look for suitable types on social media, websites and articles and find the one best suited for the wedding. Choose the best styles, categorise them, narrow them down, and finally, the bride will be able to choose. 


  • Get Ready For Appointments: Don’t fix dresses just by looking at them. Fix an appointment and visit the boutiques or stores and try them on. Wedding dresses may look good on the cover of magazines and articles, but the important part is whether they will look good on the bride. Communicate with the sellers or guides and tell them about the favourite style or design to bring out the best options for the bride. 


  • Don’t Settle: A wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, so don’t just settle for a dress. The bride has every right to look as unique and pretty as possible and isn’t afraid to push out of the comfort zone. Try veils, jewellery or lace designs like chantilly lace that were never familiar before and mix it up until there is a perfect match. 


After a purchase is made, make sure all agreements and policies are noted and confirmed. Time of delivery, time for alterations, and other accessories should be noted down and fixed to avoid creating unnecessary time crunches. 

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