Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat: A Good Choice as a Pet

Pets are not less than a family member for their keeper. Many people are interested in having pets. Making the right decision is crucial here. Everyone chooses สัตว์เลี้ยง according to their interests, such as dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, hen, etc., but people primarily like a cat to keep as a pet. There are many countries where most people own pets. But Thailand is topmost in them. Siamese cat is the most popular แมว species in Thailand. The Siamese cat was named due to the old name of Thailand as Siam.

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1.    Siamese Cat has Royal Nature

Siamese cat has royalty in nature and is the most beautiful cat in Thailand. People treat them like queens and kings of the region. They are attractive enough to appear like king or queen in style and adaptations.

2.    Siamese Cat is More Talkative to Human

Siamese cat is very talkative and interactive with human. These are cats that love to live in gatherings, not at alone place. It is their best nature that groups don’t disturb their behavior. However, they remain happy with people and even other cats of their species.

3.    Devoted and Loyal Nature of Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is very loyal in behavior. It doesn’t remain without its keeper. Whenever it sees its keeper, it becomes more loveable. It shows loving gestures and postures to show its love, such as wave its tail, rub cheeks against yours, laying down in your lap, and even lick your feet to show its loyalty.

4.    Famous Cat with High IQ Level

Siamese cat is a more intelligent cat. It has an extraordinary intelligence level. It learns things, or you can train it as you want. You can teach them manners and behaviors. They will give an efficient response to you.

5.    Playable and Active with Full of Energetic Nature

You can train Siamese cats in games and can play with them anytime. It is full of energy and remains active all the time. Even it doesn’t sit at a single place, for instance of time. Instead, it moves all day at home.

6.    Beautiful Appearance with Distinct Physical Features

Siamese cat has blue eyes that make it more attractive. In addition, it has dark patches at different portions on a light base that make them exceptional among cats.

7.    Attractive Way to Produce Sound of Meow

Siamese cat produces a sound of Meow that urges you to love it. It waves its tongue and says Meow. This voice is so smooth that it makes you relax whenever you are tired of sitting alone.

8.    Siamese Cat Brings Good Fortune

Siamese cat is considered the luckiest cat in Thailand. It is a robust conception in Thailand that this cat has a great fortune. So people feel satisfied for having them as a part of their house as pets. They are as fortunate and pretty as no one can in pets.


People love to keep pets, but the choice of the means here. The selection of pets is a mandatory thing. If you have a mind to have a pet, you should try a Siamese cat first to make your decision right. If you want to know more about this cat and many more, contact MyThaiPet today!

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