Simple Steps To Change Your Career Path For A Happier Life

Regardless of your age, there is always time to change the direction of your career. Today we are going to discuss nine simple steps you can take to find a happier life through a rewarding career.

Create A Personal Inventory

You want to create a journal. You want to consider your current job and how it actually relates to your daily satisfaction and happiness. You will write down general events and themes as to how they make you feel. It is during this time you need to ask yourself what is it about your job that you like and dislike. You want to answer your questions and take the time to reread them. As you read through your notes, you are going to gain much oversight into what you find most satisfying about a job.

It is at this time you will want to take a full inventory of your skills, interests, and values that you can bring into a job. You will want to think about when you have been most successful and what you were doing at the time, whether it was a career, internship or a volunteer situation. Consider what it was that you brought to that situation that helped make it a success and what roles you could now apply it to.

Consider Changing Industries

While you take this time to look at yourself and your general goals, consider if this would be a time to change career paths. For many people, choosing to switch careers will mean moving into an entirely new industry while some may choose a more subtle change in their already occupied industry.

Consider if you are a multimedia sales representative working for a television studio, you might consider using those same skills to work as a donor relations manager. One could take these applicable occupational skills that were learned in broadcasting and bring them into another industry such as health and personal care.

Whereas an individual who had worked a number of years in the financial and administrative field may choose to switch gears and work for a hospice service. This would be staying in the same general industry but switching occupations.

In order to decide what is going to work best for you will take part in understanding your personal inventory of the best occupations and industries that best suit your particular needs.


In order to become better informed of various career options, you will want to sit down and brainstorm what some of the better options are available to you and your skillset. If you are having issues finding a career that is going to fit, you may want to speak with others in your network. You may decide to seek out a form of career counseling, in which you will learn more about your personality as well as what is evolving in the workforce.

You can also use tools such as Indeed, that allow you to brainstorm a number of various careers and do further research. Choosing this first step before doing a deep dive into one particular field is going to allow you to narrow your search.

Researching Potential Matches

When your career choices have been narrowed down to a few types, you will be able to do further research. You may choose to go out into the field and actually talk to individuals who are doing the work you are interested in. Start by talking to people you know or browse through your college alumni association for more information.

Getting The Job

Once you have decided upon your ideal career path and have started applying for roles it is time for the interview prep. Don’t wait to be offered an interview; begin researching and practicing so when you are called for an interview you are confident.

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