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Skin Tanning: How to Get a Nice Tan for Your Skin

Americans love tanned skin. The tanning industry is worth billions of dollars because people from all walks of life associated a nice, even tan with vitality and health. A good tan denotes an active lifestyle, one that is spent outdoors full of energy. For many people, getting a tan requires products, a tanning salon, or other solutions. People want a nice tan, but they may live in an area with a lot of rain or overcast skies for much of the year. They also have a hard time getting a tan even when they live in a sunny climate because of work, family, and other obligations that keep them busy.

There are a variety of ways you can get an amazing tan and maintain it all year. Here are some tips you can use to always maintain that golden glow you’re going for.

Use High-Quality Tanning Lotions

Not all tanning lotions are created equally. They range widely in price and effect. The good news about tanning lotions is that they will rarely break the bank, so you can experiment with different lotions that react to your skin the best. You want a lotion that moisturizes and tans at the same time, to minimize any damage to your skin. Get some help from your partner or a friend to make sure you’re spreading the lotion evenly across all of the hard to reach spots like your back.

Visit a Tanning Salon

If you live in any small town or city, odds are you’ll have a tanning salon with beds or spray tans available within a short drive. Whether you choose tanning beds or getting spray tan sydney service really depends on preference and what you’re trying to accomplish. Many salons offer membership subscriptions that allow you to get as little or as much tan as you’d like. You have to go frequently to maintain your skin tone.

A lot of people love spray tans because they give you an instant tan that looks natural and is even. Spray tans don’t last, though, so you’ll have to go back for more once it starts fading. They are great for a beach weekend or going to a wedding. Do some research on the price and read online reviews to ensure you’re going to a tanning salon with good service and the right products to get the excellent tan you deserve.

Tanning the Old Fashioned Way

If you have the time, the inclination, and the weather, it’s tough to beat tanning the old fashioned way. People all across the country lay out on towels and chairs on the weekends or during the day at home to get a natural tan. How tan you want to get will dictate how many hours you’ll have to lay out at the beach or on your lawn. You’ll also get higher amounts of Vitamin D, which is great for overall health. Just because of getting too much sun exposure. High UV levels can damage your skin long-term. You could face higher cancer risks and face other issues like skin spotting and wrinkling later in life.

Peptides and Skin Tone

Melanotan 2, or MT-2, is a peptide that was developed at the University of Arizona in the 1980s. It was originally designed as a sunless tanning product, but also has been discovered to have several other uses. In clinical research tests done on rodents, MT-2 was effective at binding to melanocortin receptors, some of which are known to control skin tone. The skin of rodents that took MT-2 saw their skin darken after use.

Stay Active

Living an active lifestyle in which you’re always outdoors is a fun and effective way to get a tan without having to lay out for hours under the sun. Doing activities like running, cycling, and walking outside can give you a natural tan and you’re doing something fun while you work for your tan. Be mindful, though, of what clothing you are wearing while out getting a natural tan. You could develop sleeve tan lines on your arms or lines on other parts of your body that will stand out when you put on a swimsuit or wear a tank top. Done right, you can get a tan as you engage in fun outdoor activities.

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