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Small Tricks with Big Results: Tips on Improving Ecommerce Images for Your Business Success

If you run an eCommerce company, you know that digital clients are very picky and want to know literally everything about the product they buy. They can choose from thousands of similar goods sold across the world, and to make them your customers, you have to go an extra mile in the presentation of your products.

Here’s the insider’s secret from our studio of product photography in Los Angeles: this magic extra mile is the particularly good eCommerce images. Once the visitors get their eyes engaged with your visuals, consider the deal almost closed. But mind the number we use: images, not an image. So, before you start filling the website categories, equip yourself with a set of perfectly planned and crafted images of your goods.

1)       Pick the right background

For the majority of images for the product, the optimal background is a white or light grey gradient with some exceptions). If you want to be featured on giants like Amazon, go for white right from the start.

2)       Maintain consistency

The organization and styling of shots and background need to be similar across the whole chain of images. It facilitates evaluating the products and works as your branding. If you think that this subtle marketing works only in product photography in Los Angeles, think twice. It will work well for product images coming from any other area.

3)       Include images shot at different angles

No matter if you include a video or not, a customer needs to see all sides (as well as top and bottom) of the products you sell. All images should be of equally good quality and similar styling.

4)       Present images of each color the product is offered in

Providing the image of a product in one color option is a big mistake, we assure you as experts in product photography in Los Angeles. One image for one color is a must, so don’t try to save a couple of dollars here – it will cost you hundreds in the future.

5)       Provide context or prompts of use

It is the exception we mentioned in the tip about the background. Show how the product can be used or worn in a real-life setting, place it in the context, so to say. Here, the background and styling depend on your fantasy only.

6)       The golden rule of product photography in Los Angeles: proper product proportions

Failing to maintain the right proportions in the product images is a frequently cited reason for returns. A customer receives not what was advertised and sends it back in indignation. Don’t let it happen to your products.

7)       Provide the option of zooming in

A customer wants to explore the details of the item, like seams, small parts, or textures, as it is possible to do in brick-and-mortar shops. This is why the image should be uploaded in high resolution with the zoom-in option included. Customers who feel that they have seen every detail of the product are more likely to buy and be happy with the purchase.

We hope, now you know how to equip your eCommerce with the best product visuals. If you look where to obtain these high-quality images in your residential area, our studio of product photography in Los Angeles will gladly help you in it.

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