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There is no denying that, from time to time, everybody needs a pro locksmith. Whether it is for a commercial building, a residential building, or an automobile, we will need a locksmith at some point. It is hard to imagine anything without locks and keys. In fact, even our smartphones have locks — maybe we don’t need keys to unlock them, but they are still locks.

Locks, like any other mechanical device, will fail you at any point in time. But this is not to say that most locks will. There are different types of locks, varying in the level of security they provide. While some are simply snapped shut with our hands, some use keys and knobs, and others require keycodes or biometrics. If you happen to need or have any of the more sophisticated kinds of locks, you will need a pro locksmith.

Professional Lock Installation Service

Some locks require installation, while others can be used just as they come. Another example of those others is pad locks. However, the ones that need to be installed are classified under deadbolt locks, keyless entry locks, and smart entry door locks. Most modern types of door locks would actually require installation.

You need the services of a pro locksmith outfit like Speedy Locksmith to install any of the modern door locks. We are a company of top professionals in Virginia Beach, VA. Many people have trusted us with their lock installation needs. Whether for commercial or residential lock installation needs, we are very much the best option for you. Our services are of the highest quality, and our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Automobile Locksmith Near Me Services

Thanks to technological advancement, cars now have sophisticated lock systems. These systems help to prevent car theft and have been very effective since their inception. As a result, there have been fewer and fewer car theft reports over the years. But as perfect as these systems are, you can find yourself with one issue or the other. One of them would be an issue with the ignition or a damaged key fob. Seeing how important an ignition and a key fob are to your car, you’d want them fixed as soon as possible.

Speedy Locksmith is the company that can make it happen. Our professional locksmith is always up to the task, and all you need to do is give us a call. We have the latest tools and equipment to help you out of such a situation quickly. Whether you’ve got a damaged key fob or a broken key in the ignition, contact us for a speedy response and solution.

Safe Lock And Key Services

When it comes to safety, it is a matter of delicate urgency. Imagine needing an important document to finalize a business deal from your safe but it won’t open. Even though you entered the correct combination and used the right key. If you still want to seal that deal, then you’d better call us right away.

Our experts are good with safe locks and can crack them open without damage to the safe. You’d have that document ready before the deal is called off. Don’t worry, we operate discreetly and won’t dissolve the content of your safe to a third party. Trust is very important to us.

Additionally, our services are very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. And even at that, we still offer only top-quality services to our customers. You won’t be disappointed. To find out more about us, visit


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