Sponsor Orphans

Sponsor Orphans

Sponsorship of orphans is the most effective way to reduce child poverty. Taking care of a child’s physical needs is important, but building their self-esteem and respect is just as important. Our belief is that the world’s most dangerous places should give power to vulnerable children. When children lose their parents, especially their mother or father, they may feel helpless. They may suffer abuse, poverty, and never achieve their true potential due to being orphaned. They also deserve a better future, but you can help.

What Does Sponsoring An Orphan Mean?

Sponsoring an orphan means providing them with nutritious food, clothing, health care, and education. You can sponsor or help vulnerable orphans flourish by loving and taking care of them. Around the world, there are about 153 million orphans. Millions of children in developing countries are living in poverty and abuse due to the tragic loss of one or both parents while they are growing up – and so many of them have suffered heartbreak in their short lives.

Sponsoring An Orphan In Islam

Islamic teachings state that the giving of orphan charity is one of the most blessed ways to honor Allah and ensure that vulnerable children have the opportunity for a bright future. Therefore The Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

“The one who cares for an orphan he and me will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together to illustrate.

Do You Know How The KORT Orphan Sponsorship Program Works?

By supporting KORT, we can provide all the opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children that you’d want for your own children.  You will help an innocent child build a better future when you sponsor an orphan. If you would like to help these orphans, please consider giving to an orphan charity. Orphan charities provide orphans in need with a way out of poverty.  Through your orphan sponsor’s donations, KORT is able to fulfill the basic needs of the orphans.

we provide orphans:

  • New Clothes
  • Education
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Health &  Medical SUPPORT

Final Words

You can help protect and empower the most vulnerable children around the world and ensure their community thrives and is self-sufficient when you sponsor an orphan child. A child sponsorship offers you a chance to develop a close relationship with a child and watch their world change forever as a result of your support. if you also want to sponsor an orphan donate your charities to KORT we will sponsor an orphan on behalf of you.

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