Storage West Share The Top Things To Consider When Leasing A Storage Space

Storage West Share The Top Things To Consider When Leasing A Storage Space

Storage companies can be really helpful if you are relocating into a smaller apartment that cannot fit all the furniture that you own, when carrying out home improvement tasks, or, when you need to make some space in your garage. Given that there are many storage companies in the market today, Storage West will discuss the top tips you can follow so as to choose the most ideal storage facility in your locality.

Determine the Amount of Storage Space That You Will Need

If you are not careful, you can end up leasing more storage space than you need.

Below, we have outlined some estimations to help you calculate the amount of storage space that you will likely require based on the size of your current home.

  • Estimated Storage Space for a Studio Apartment/Bed-Sit

If you live in a studio apartment or bed-sit, you will most likely need 40-50 square feet of storage space. In such a space, you can easily fit in about a dozen medium-sized storage boxes, a double bed, one sofa, table, chair, TV, wardrobe and carpet.

  • Estimated Storage Space for a Flat or Two-Bedroom House

To store the contents of a flat or two-bedroom apartment, you will most likely need around 80-100 square feet of storage space. In this space, you fit more furniture, a washing machine, freezer, fridge as well as around 24 medium-sized storage boxes.

  • Estimated Storage Space for a Three-Bedroom House

If you reside in a three-bedroom apartment, you will most likely require around 140-190 square feet of storage space. In the added space, you can store items that were in the third bedroom and closets.

When gauging the amount of storage space that you need to lease, you should seriously consider getting rid of possessions that you no longer need. If the items are valuable, you can auction them online or alternatively, you can donate them to charity.

If you no longer need some of your possessions and would like to dispose of them, we highly recommend that you get in touch with AnyJunk – A reputable household rubbish removal company – that we regularly partner with. On contacting AnyJunk, they will send a two-man crew to your home to clear junk and rubbish from your property. The best thing about AnyJunk is that they offer same day collection in most cities and they are eco-friendly. To protect the environment, they always ensure that at least 95% of the junk collected from clients is recycled.

Consider If You Will Get Packing Services

If you engage a moving company when relocating, they will most likely provide all the packing materials that you need as well as take care of the packing. However, if you are packing your items, we recommend that you do the following:

– Ensure that you acquire strong packing boxes

– Number and label your boxes properly so that you can easily identify the contents

– Ensure that you do not overpack

– Disassemble bulky items such as furniture so that they can be transported more easily

– Ensure that you wrap fragile items using linen, bedding or bubble wrap so that they do not break

– Pack heavy items such as books and magazines in small boxes for easier lifting

– Empty, defrost and clean all kitchen appliances before packing them for storage

Consider If You Will Transport Your Items to The Storage Area or Rely on a Removals Company

If your goods will be transported by a removal company to the storage facility, they will send a surveyor to determine the vehicle to be used in transporting your possessions.

If you are going to be transporting your goods, ensure that you choose the right type of vehicle for the job. If you have leased storage space from a local company, consider renting a cheap van and making several trips as this can be cheaper. If you have leased storage space from a company that does not have warehouses in the locality, you can save money by renting one big truck and making a single trip to the storage facility.

Consider If You Will Have Unfettered Access to Your Possessions

Storage companies tend to have different hours of operation. Before choosing a storage company, ensure that you understand the policies of the company when it comes to the access of stored items. Ideally, you should settle for a company that has flexible hours of operation so that you can access your goods whenever you want.

Our Top Storage Tips

– Ensure that you place the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom, followed by the large but lighter boxes

– Do not stack heavy items too high in your storage unit

– If you there are items that you will need to access regularly, ensure that you store the boxes with these items at the front of your unit

– When you are done packing your storage boxes in your unit, cover them with a sheet to keep everything clean


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